Russia developing nuclear missile that ‘could circle the globe for years’

Lt Gen Hockenhull said Russia’s capabilities allow it “to hold the UK and its allies’ civilian and military infrastructure at risk of direct attack with conventional explosives and nuclear weapons, limiting options or raising the stakes during times of crisis.”

Russia Sends More Troops West, Signaling New Challenge to U.S.-NATO Presence Near Borders

“In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we maintain our steady drumbeat of operations across the European theater while taking prudent measures to protect the health of our force,” U.S. Sixth Fleet commander Navy Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti said in a press statement at the time. “We remain committed to promoting […]

Donald Trump calls John Bolton a ‘liar’ – but fails to deny he lifted sanctions to please China’s Xi and demands to see ‘he’s full of s***’ note Pompeo sent about him – as DoJ seeks emergency order to block publication of his book

In public, Pompeo has portrayed himself as the loyal servant – as has Barr. In private, when Bolton approached Barr to discuss the president’s behavior – especially toward autocratic rulers like China’s President Xi Jinping and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – the attorney general admitted he, too, was worried.  

How Russia’s election meddling could backfire on Putin

Right now, nothing in Putin’s demeanor hints at a shift in his regime’s outlook. He views the US and NATO as foes. Corrosive global Russian influence operations, including aggressive military posturing continue, while stark anti-opposition suppression goes on unabated. Nonetheless, there could be a glimmer of realpolitik opportunity. Putin may remain in power through 2036, […]

Washington dysfunction is damaging national security

We are united by a singular purpose to return government to the American people, not the deep-pocketed donors who have perfected a pay-to-play system. Now is the time to look to historical successes like the 9/11 Commission, when we achieved change together. After the September 2001 attacks, we flew flags, donated blood and volunteered in […]

Nord Stream 2: Who needs the Russian gas pipeline after all?

Christoph Weber thinks the companies would attempt to recoup the money they had invested. “Probably they would try to seek compensation from those who are politically responsible [for ending the pipeline],” he says, adding that this bill would most likely be footed by the taxpayer in the end.