Exclusive: Ex-Ukrainian President’s Aide Opens Up on Biden Tapes, Democrats’ Money Laundering

Oleksandr Onyshchenko: He had talked about this from the beginning. In his election program, he even promised to put Poroshenko in jail, because he, according to Zelensky, was the most corrupt person in Ukraine. Then, after becoming president, Zelensky was forced to come to the realization of who was really in power in Ukraine. Zelensky […]

Fact check: A list of Trump’s general false claims from March 16 through May 3

“When the President took office, there were no predictions China would surpass the US in GDP within two years. Their GDP was 60% the size of the US at the time and slowing. They would have had to grow $7.5 trillion to catch us in two years even if we didn’t grow at all, which […]

Biolabs Ringing Russia’s Borders: What’s the US Really Doing at These Facilities?

Armenia In the Caucasus, too, the US has built new biological research institutions, or upgraded the capacities of old ones, to suit their purposes. In Soviet Days, Armenia’s Institute of Microbiology was the largest in the union. After the country’s collapse, officials in the US and the UK took an interest in its work, inviting […]

Mueller Memos Part 7: These Documents Reveal What People Close To The President Told Mueller’s Team About Trump And Russia

Rick Gates, Manafort’s longtime business partner who served as deputy campaign chair to Trump, told investigators during an April 10, 2018, interview that after it was revealed that the Democratic National Committee’s computer server had been compromised, Manafort began pushing the idea that Ukraine had orchestrated the hack. That unfounded conspiracy theory persisted in right-wing […]

Fact check: A list of Trump’s pandemic-related false claims from March 16 through May 3

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond began a question to Trump as follows: “I’d also like to ask you about some comments you made on Friday. You were talking about governors of different states and you said, ‘I want them to be appreciative.’ You also said, ‘if they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.’” After Diamond said […]