YouTube is experimenting with a new search bar on Android and sign-in reminders for the web/TV apps

The first of these is a new search bar in the YouTube app on Android. In the app’s current UI, the search icon in the top right expands into a full-fledged search bar when you click on it. In the new design, an already-expanded search bar is featured prominently in the top left of the […]

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps to get better

Google has announced that it is soon going to roll out various features to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. These features have been available for on the web, and are now available on mobile as well. Google DocsGoogle Docs will now support link previews. This means when […]

India expans its ban on Chinese apps to include Xiaomi’s browser and more

In a statement to the Times of India, a spokesperson for the Chinese tech giant noted that it follows all data privacy laws in the country and that the company is “working towards understanding the development and will take appropriate measures as required.”

BHIM app data breach exposes data of over 7 million users: Report

Mobile payment app BHIM has suffered a data breach, affecting personal records of over 7 million users in India, according to a report by Israeli cybersecurity website vpnMentor. The 409-gigabyte data leak included personal identifiable information such as Aadhaar card details, caste certificates, residence proof, bank records, along with a complete profile of individuals, the […]

Trump administration announces wide-ranging initiative to ban Chinese apps, cloud platforms

Referring to the Chinese Community Party as a “malign actor” and Chinese carriers as “untrusted,” the announcement outlines a plan to “clean” various aspects of the IT infrastructure in the U.S. Most notable among these may be the Clean Store and Clean Apps initiatives, which may see Chinese apps being banned in the U.S. and […]

Microsoft to unify app development for 1 billion Windows 10 devices

San Francisco: To help developers build apps for modern work using Microsoft 365 and Windows platforms, Microsoft has unveiled Project Reunion to unifying app development across one billion Windows 10 devices. Project Reunion will make it easier to build great apps that work across all the Windows 10 versions and devices people use. “For the […]

The Feds Want These Teams to Hack a Satellite—From Home

Prieto’s Hack-A-Sat team, called ADDVulcan, is one of eight—out of a total of around 1,300—that made it through the qualifiers back in May, and is now vying for the $50,000 first prize. Teams could be of unlimited size and made up of people from different companies or universities, as long as they contained one US […]

Ban on Chinese apps alone will not address long-term information threats

Various estimates suggest that 5G equipment from suppliers such as Ericsson and Nokia could raise costs by up to a third. That is significant, running into hundreds of millions of dollars, and will necessitate sharply higher telecom tariffs in the world’s cheapest market. India could adopt a secure cut cheaper option pursued by many other […]

ABC’s ‘Ultimate Surfer’ Gets Back In The Water With Production Underway At Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch

Ultimate Surfer features top up-and-coming surfers training and battling it out at the surf ranch with men and women competing in individual and team challenges focused on specific surfing disciplines. Weekly eliminations will leave two men and two women as finalists who will vie for the male and female titles of the Ultimate Surfer and the […]

Pompeo: ‘Untrusted’ Chinese apps should be removed from US app stores

The announcement signals a more aggressive push by Washington to limit the influence of Chinese tech companies, which the US views as a threat to national security. Beijing already places hefty restrictions on the ability of foreign tech companies to operate in China — and its so-called Great Firewall has for years shut out content […]