Human Rights Watch seeks treaty banning ‘killer robots’

Technologies that revolutionized warfare Jet engine Jet aircraft first saw action alongside traditional propeller airplanes at the end of WWII. Jet engines dramatically increased an aircraft’s speed, allowing it to reach a target quicker and making it far harder for an adversary to shoot it down. After WWII, military reconnaissance planes were developed that could […]

Vietnam aims to have 2,000 supporting businesses

Hanoi (VNA) – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed a resolution to promote the development of support industries with the aim of having 2,000 enterprises capable of directly supplying parts for multinational corporations in ten years. These companies provided essential, high-quality parts for larger enterprises to allow them to carry out business in Vietnam. […]

Covid suppresses retail insurance, group biz on rise

New Delhi, The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a big shift in the insurance preference for customers. While the pandemic has made corporates take up the responsibility of providing insurance coverage to their employees by subscribing to group insurance plans, the financial uncertainty the pandemic has created has pushed back individuals from buying into insurance.In […]

How to lift your mood during the long-haul of remote work

When I see my situation not as a pair of virus-induced handcuffs but as a chance to be around my teenagers more before they leave home, it helps me move from feeling stuck and a victim of these circumstances to seeing the opportunity. Reframing our thoughts is a cognitive reappraisal method, which is effective for […]

AC, commercial refrigeration businesses to return to normal by last quarter of this fiscal: Blue Star

During the first quarter of the current fiscal, Blue Star’s revenue from unitary products — room air conditioner, commercial refrigeration and water purifier business — was at Rs 274.85 crore as compared to Rs 906.89 crore in the first quarter of 2019-20, a decline of 69.7 per cent.

‘It would be lovely to find my partner in crime’: Miranda Hart, 47, admits she’s ready to find Mr Right as she reflects on single life in lockdown

The star says: ‘I increased the price because I am donating revenue to two charities that support chronic illness (ASTRiiD and CISFA UK) during lockdown as it is a great time to raise awareness for those who experience ‘lockdown’ as part of their daily lives and because there are vulnerable people during pandemic.

Pandemic restricting local oil groups

Over the past two weeks, Petrolimmex (HSX: PLX) saw a decline of 6.42 per cent to VND44,450 ($1.93) per share, while PVOil (UPCoM: OIL) dropped by 7.41 per cent to VND7,500 ($0.32) per share. PetroVietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (HSX: PVD), PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (HNX: PVS), and PV Gas (HSX: GAS) also recorded […]

Pesticides and fertilisers have overtaken fossil fuels as the largest human source of sulphur in the environment, study shows

The threat from acid rain was first revealed in the 1970s, when experts found such was responsible for damage to ecosystems across the northeastern US and Europe. This rain, they realised, was derived from fossil fuel emissions from industrial centres as far as hundreds of kilometres away from the affected forests and waterways. Pictured, US […]

Blackstone may buy Prestige Group’s assets for over Rs 12,700 crore: Report

Blackstone’s acquisition will include Prestige Group’s nine operational malls, and under-construction properties in south Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai and Mysore, the report added. The deal will also contain a part of the group’s hospitality assets.

Average Work Day Has Increased by 48 Minutes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Finds

People who spoke to Bloomberg “attributed their harried schedules to child care demands, blurring boundaries between work and home, and the stresses of an economic recession,” the outlet reported. “People have adjusted their work patterns,” said Jeff Polzer, a professor in the organizational behavior department at Harvard Business School who was one of the NBER […]