School District Pays Transgender Student $800,000 After Banning Him From The Boys Bathroom

“Winning this case was so empowering and made me feel like I can actually do something to help other trans youth live authentically,” he told the Transgender Law Center. “My message to other trans kids is to respect themselves and accept themselves and love themselves. If someone’s telling you that you don’t deserve that, prove […]

Woman creates sexy ‘period proof’ underwear that stays leak-free for 18 months

She explained: “Period poverty is something I’m really passionate about, and I was researching ideas for my final project but I realised that all the period proof pants that had been done before weren’t that attractive, they looked like Bridget Jones pants.

Amazon granny pants hailed ‘Rolls Royce’ of underwear in hundreds of 5-star reviews

Designed to provide “light control” the knickers have a double layered front to help shape the stomach a la Bridget Jones, but are also held in high regard for their extreme comfort, without being constricting or cutting off circulation.

Acting U.S. attorney general directed Justice Dept. not to defend Trump travel ban

Yates, a career official and Obama appointee, said in a statement that she was “not convinced” the order is “lawful” and that the Justice Department would not defend it in court “until I become convinced that it is appropriate to do so.”

Greece bans Britons from going on holiday in the country when it reopens its borders on June 15 due to high level of UK coronavirus cases

Spain’s decision to open the holiday mecca in just over a month’s time comes a day after the UK government urged Britons not to book their holidays as they will be forced to quarantine for 14 days on their return. 

China signals a complete ban on the eating of dog meat ahead of notorious Yulin festival with new rules to classify dogs as ‘companion animals’

Two Chinese cities, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, have banned the eating of dogs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but no national law has been released to ban the act. Pictured, caged cats and dogs for sale at a live animal meat market in Guangzhou, China, in April 2003 

El Dorado County Rescinds Tahoe Travel Ban, State Still Restricting Nonessential Travel

Dr. Williams said traveling outside of one’s community is still a major factor in the spread of coronavirus. She originally issued the local travel ban on April 3 in an effort to protect the Lake Tahoe community, which did not have the capacity to handle a surge of the virus.

Extension of temporary ban on international flights to Thailand until 30 June

Meanwhile, Spokesperson of the Center for the COVID-19 Situation Administration Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin said that no new infections of COVID-19 were reported in Thailand on 16 May 2020 and no new deaths. This is the second time that Thailand has reported no new daily cases since the pandemic began to spread in the country in […]

US President Donald Trump makes 2 important clarifications on immigration ban

US President Donald Trump has said that his immigration ban will be for only 60 days and indicated that workers on temporary visas like H1-B for professionals could continue to come in. “This order will apply only to individuals seeking a permanent residency, in other words, those receiving green cards; big factor, will not apply […]

Citing swine fever, China bans pork imports from India

While the official notice from the government made no mention of the ongoing border dispute, the Global Times, a Communist Party-run newspaper, reported that “the ban comes after tensions between the two countries flared up in Galwan Valley region”, which it blamed on “India’s recent, illegal construction of defense facilities on the border to Chinese […]