Books Briefing: If Your Attention Span Is Shrinking, Read Poetry

Emily Dickinson’s many short but perceptive poems showcase her unique view of the physical world, distilling its details into spiritual themes and universally acknowledged truths. Yrsa Daley-Ward’s debut poetry collection, titled bone, conveys the difficulty and tenderness of reflecting ​on one’s own, sometimes painful relationships with others.

Portrait of the President As a Con Man

How surprised am I about the all too credible allegations of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of Cardinal McCarrick, the latest Catholic prelate to be exposed in what seems like an endless cycle? The truth is — as someone who long attended Mass under McCarrick’s direct auspices, in the Cathedral of Saint Matthew […]

We ‘love-bombed’ the Tasmanian government to win Indigenous rights

But perhaps you knew that the Premier dedicated the entirety of his 2016 Australia Day address to Aboriginal Tasmanian issues or that the Governor is helping to make good an agreement that is almost 190 years old for relations between Aboriginal and other Tasmanians — one of peace, security and belonging and underpinned by the […]

Bill Withers Was the Definition of Timeless

Withers has remained a touchstone for those who savor the remarkable spectrum of sounds and songs the 1970s produced. “He was my idol. I embraced all his records,” wrote the Roots’ Questlove in his musical memoir Mo’ Meta Blues. Withers was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2015. The induction speech […]

Hyundai Prophecy Concept Gets Second Look With New Photos, Info

Speaking of technology, the Prophecy features a display spanning the entire dash that can be viewed clearly due to the absent steering wheel. This screen can be reconfigured for entertainment when autonomous driving is engaged, turning the cockpit into a space of relaxation. Further helping that are smart seats that can provide automatic positioning based […]