WRAPUP 2-China’s exports shrink most in 2 years, raising risks to global economy

Washington imposed import tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods last year and has threatened further action if Beijing does not change its practices on issues ranging from industrial subsidies to intellectual property. China has retaliated with tariffs of its own.

Factbox: From phone makers to farmers, the toll of Trump’s trade wars

The United States has demanded wide-ranging economic reforms from China, including providing better protection for American intellectual property, ending subsidies that favor Chinese state-owned enterprises, and improving access to China’s markets for U.S. companies.Trump has imposed tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports and is threatening to extend those to cover another $300 billion of […]

Quarantined bankers, video roadshows: coronavirus hits Argentine debt talks

“To put this in perspective, some of the financial advisors that had flown into Argentina to assist with the process are now in the middle of a two-week quarantine,” the investor said. “We have always considered May a more realistic time frame.”

China car sales hit reverse for first time since 1990s

POLICY BOOST China’s state planner has said it will introduce policies to lift domestic spending on items such as autos, without providing specifics. Beijing has also made changes to the income tax threshold to hike incomes and personal spending power.

World watches as China moves ahead on economic chessboard

“Global companies have been testing Vietnam’s capabilities for several years —even before the added impetus from the US-China trade wars,” explained Min Zhou and Vivian Chen, research analysts at global asset management firm AllianceBernstein, in a recent report. “Labour costs in Vietnam, with its younger workforce and ample supply, are about 40 per cent lower […]

Six public sector banks will cease to exist after mega-merger comes into effect on April 1

“We don’t foresee any problem it is going as per the plan. We have reviewed in the light of this situation also. Certain modification in implementation we have done so that there is no disruption for employees and customers. We are ensuring zero disruption,” Union Bank of India Managing Director Rajkiran Rai G told PTI.

Russia sending plane filled with medical equipment to US amid coronavirus pandemic

The Russian Embassy’s Twitter account said Tuesday that in sending the aid to the U.S. as it fights to hold down its coronavirus death toll, which the White House has projected is likely to be between 100,000 and 240,000, Russia would hope for help from the United States should the coronavirus pandemic become more severe within […]