Five-year-old boy is ‘brutally gang-raped on a remote Australian beach by a group of CHILDREN all aged under 13’ – before alleged victim is rushed to hospital with horrific injuries

Ten is the age an offender can be found guilty of a crime, but if a child under 13 commits an offence police can issue a caution.

Jurassic creatures known as ‘sea lilies’ spent decades crossing the ocean on driftwood ‘rafts’ before washing up on British beaches, study reveals

Dr Hunter and his team studied the ancient wood rafts, taken from multiple German museums and collections, including Geoscience Centre of the University of Göttingen and the Geological Institute, University of Tübingen.  

Girl, 17, kills herself by stepping in front of a train two months after her high school football star friend’s identical suicide

‘On behalf of our coaches, players, staff and families, we offer our deepest condolences to Bryce’s mother, Shibbon, and his brothers, Brisai and Brayden, as well as the rest of his family members, his teammates and coaches at Deerfield Beach High School, and his many friends. 

Billie Faiers shares unrecognisable teen snap to celebrate Ferne McCann’s 30th as she and Danielle Armstrong toast their BFF on milestone birthday

‘I’m on this whole like ”I’m 30 tomorrow, I’ve got a house to run, I’ve got my hair to wash,” I’m not looking for love, and when I put that out to the universe, and said ”it would be great I’d love to be chatting to a few guys right”… zilch! Nada!’

Richard Matheson obituary

He later described his experiences through the eyes of a common soldier in his acclaimed novel The Beardless Warriors (1960). A key scene catches the surprise and ambiguity that had become his trademark: “A little while ago, each side had done its lethal best to decimate the other. Now, the guns and cannons temporarily stilled, […]

LeBron James hails new California NCAA law: “I feel for those kids”

A controversial new law signed by California’s governor Monday is a game changer for college athletes. It would let them earn big paychecks for endorsement deals, just like professional athletes. California could be just the first state to do this and that has the NCAA fighting back.  

Spain Overtakes Britain for Most COVID-19 Cases in Europe

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy lashed out at the crowds packing bars in the state’s beach towns. The governor has criticized what he calls “knucklehead behavior” by those who won’t wear masks or practice social distancing for a rise in COVID-19 cases in the state. 

Factbox: How does being fatter increase severe COVID-19 risk?

FAT ADDS STRAIN – Obesity leads to fat accumulation in vital organs like the heart, and leads to insulin resistance and high blood pressure. This means obesity often coincides with other health conditions, including diabetes, a weaker heart, and less well-functioning liver and kidneys.

Nintendo Switch games for kids worth up to £12 on sale for just £1 as prices slashed by up to 90%

The Currys PC World Black Friday sale has started with discounts on TVs, Smartphones, washing mashines and headphones.

Incredible Animal Crossing: New Horizons island ideas to give you serious inspiration

15. Add city feels Visit an Animal Crossing newbie’s home and the first thing that will hit you is just how green it all is. We did all start out on an abandoned island, y’know. A fun mission then is to design like you never want to see green again. Islands like those of @miss_acnh on […]