Will France be put on the UK quarantine list?

Busy streets in Paris and Toulouse have made face masks mandatory, while only disposable, surgical masks are allowed on flights.

Majorca hotels close for the rest of summer due to UK quarantine

In the report “Market recovery indicators”, Turespaña says the fall of around 80% in reserves corresponds “both to this summer season, as well as to the winter seasons 2020/2021 and summer 2021, in favour of competing destinations, mainly Greece and Turkey”.

You can stay in a Disney-inspired Snow White cottage in the UK for just £31pppn – with alpacas and emus in the garden

The rooms include designs from Harry Potter, the Avengers and Cinderella, which kids will love, and if you can find 23 friends to stay with you, will cost just £47 per person, per night.

New dinosaur species related to Tyrannosaurus rex discovered by scientists in England

Paul Farrell, from the Isle of Wight town of Ryde, was one of the people who stumbled upon the bones. “I was walking along the beach, kicking stones and came across what looked like a bone from a dinosaur. I was really shocked to find out it could be a new species,” he said in […]

‘No Irish, no coloureds’ notices were no myth

May I disagree with John Draper’s letter (22 October), in which he seems to suggest that the banning of Irish from sundry lodgings in the 1960s and 70s is a myth perpetrated by discredited activists. I went to Reading University from Belfast in 1966; searching for digs, I was upset and insulted to find notices […]

Depressed about Brexit? Outsiders is the comedy that makes you want to stay in

We took a lot of the script directly from lines the actors came out with in improv. When the bored flatmates play a guessing game about Jamali’s ethnicity, he storms out of the flat saying: “I’m the only one with a British passport, and you have the audacity to ask me where I’m from? I’m […]

Greek islands get midnight curfew for restaurants and bars as coronavirus cases rise

The new measures have been modelled on the island of Poros near Athens, where masks must be worn at all times and entertainment venues, including bars and restaurants, close by 11pm, after a surge in cases was reported.

France bans reusable face masks on flights as Brits are blocked from boarding planes

Ryanair added in a statement: “Ryanair is committed to the highest level of protection for our passengers and crew at all times. Ryanair’s ‘Healthy Flying’ procedures take account of operational guidelines set out by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC).

Battling Covid-19: Countries with highest number of cases and deaths

With this, the active number of Covid-19 patients, those suffering from the disease at present, stands at nearly 6 million people across the globe. The United States leads the Covid-19 tally with the highest total, as well as, active Covid-19 cases in the world. Brazil and India follow as countries with the second and third […]

Cloverfield 3 Already Being Planned Says J.J. Abrams

A report surfaced last month that claimed Paramount picked up the project and brought on Daniel Casey and Damien Chazelle to perform some rewrites. 10 Cloverfield Lane then reportedly underwent some reshoots last March to connect this to the Cloverfield universe. None of these details have been confirmed, but producer J.J. Abrams did say last […]