Nuclear ‘Power Balls’ May Make Meltdowns a Thing of the Past

Paul Demkowicz is the director of the Advanced Gas Reactor Field Development and Qualification Program at Idaho National Laboratory, and a large part of his job is simulating worst-case scenarios for next-generation nuclear reactors. For the past few years, Demkowicz and his colleagues have been running qualification tests on triso fuel that involve putting them […]

UAE launches Arab world’s first nuclear power plant

“This is part of the UAE’s drive to diversify its energy economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and project its image as a regional leader in science and technology,” one Gulf analyst told French news agency AFP.

India’s First Nuclear Power Plant Built Domestically Achieves Criticality

India’s first domestically-built 700 MWe Atomic Power Project at Kakrapar in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat reached criticality on Wednesday morning. Criticality is the normal operating condition of a nuclear reactor, which is reached when nuclear fuel sustains a fission chain reaction. During criticality, each fission releases a sufficient number of neutrons to […]

Russia’s nuclear play for power in Africa

The Rosatom packages are popular because the corporation’s sheer size means it can offer all-in-one deals, from training local workers to developing nuclear science curricula, supplying uranium for the plant’s life time and dealing with nuclear waste — with the added plus of Russian state loans for the projects.

Explosion in Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility Caused by Bomb, Report Claims

According to the official cited, the blast destroyed “much of the aboveground parts” of the facility, where cutting-edge centrifuges had been placed before being put into operation. The early Thursday explosion resulted in a fire and was confirmed by Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation, with agency spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi saying that the plant “is operating as usual”, […]

Traces of Plutonium From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Spread Across Much of Japan, Study Finds

“These results strongly suggest that the nano-scale heterogeneity that is common in normal nuclear fuels is still present in the fuel debris that remains inside the site’s damaged reactors. This is important information as it tells us about the extent/severity of the melt-down. Further, this is important information for the eventual decommissioning of the damaged […]

Goldman prize awarded to South African women who stopped an international nuclear deal

“The political signs are good that nuclear is not going ahead any time soon,” said McDaid. “But I think this is just a step on the path to a nuclear-free South Africa. There is a long way to go. Success would be for our one existing plant to be decomissioned and for the government to […]

US eyes building nuclear power plants for moon and Mars

“Idaho National Laboratory has a central role in emphasizing the United States’ global leadership in nuclear innovation, with the anticipated demonstration of advanced reactors on the INL site,” John Wagner, associate laboratory director of INL’s Nuclear Science & Technology Directorate, said in a statement. “The prospect of deploying an advanced reactor to the lunar surface […]

After 60 years, is nuclear fusion finally poised to deliver?

For Schwemmer, there is only one long-term option. “You would have to cover whole continents with wind turbines to produce the energy needed for 10 billion people,” he says. “And if our children’s children are not to sit on piles of [fission] nuclear waste, we have to make fusion work. Even if it takes till […]

Nuclear fusion on brink of being realised, say MIT scientists

The promise of fusion is huge: it represents a zero-carbon, combustion-free source of energy. The problem is that until now every fusion experiment has operated on an energy deficit, making it useless as a form of electricity generation. Decades of disappointment in the field has led to the joke that fusion is the energy of […]