Businesses line up for further support

“For example, while deferring some taxes and insurances is beneficial to some, many businesses see only limited assistance from these programmes,” AmCham Hanoi’s executive director Adam Sitkoff told VIR. “Small businesses need loans to stay alive. We hear from many businesses that are unable to access low interest loans under the government’s loan support package […]

‘Off for a cooked breakfast and a pint!’: Tier Two drinkers rejoice as lockdown ends while those in Tier Three are left pining for the pub – as landlords get set for busy day serving ‘substantial meals’

‘It’s really good news that the Government has significantly shifted its position on visiting and we sincerely hope that their new guidance, plus the additional practical support they are offering to care homes, will lead to many families being reunited with their loved ones after an awfully long time.’

The London film festival’s big squeeze

But now the extras have been sent packing, the walls have closed in, and radiators turned on full blast. This fresh crop of films are psychological potboilers, small-scale countdowns. En masse, what they mark is a determined return to the ticking-clock genre. The difference is that this time, it’s classy. LFF artistic director Clare Stewart […]

The best Android games currently available (December 2020)

Among Us If you’ve ever played Town of Salem or Werewolf, you’re going to love Among Us. The game’s popularity has really taken off — as the memes you’ll find online demonstrate. Set on a spaceship, this multiplayer strategy game can be played with four to 10 players over local Wi-Fi or online. It’s fun with friends, […]

Emotional moment woman cuddles ex-husband in care home after seven weeks apart as new Covid rules mean loved ones can finally meet in person – but bosses fear visits could still be a week away

THE NEW CARE HOME VISITING RULES  The ‘default position’ of care homes should be to support and enable visits.Care home residents living in all tiers will be able to see their families indoors by Christmas thanks to the distribution of rapid tests.Residents will be allowed to choose two different people as designated visitors, who can […]

How Amnesty International Rocked the World: The Inside Story

The tour was a huge success. Amnesty International raised their profile among young Americans in a huge way and their numbers swelled, but soon after it ended, the organizers began plotting out something significantly more dramatic than a mere six American concerts. “In October of 1986, I sat around the pool of the Sunset Marquis […]

‘Very comfortable to wear in bed’: This Bluetooth headband will help you fall asleep more easily – and it’s only £13 on Amazon right now

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