Lost German warship discovered on seabed 80 years after sinking

Then this summer the firm’s senior project engineer, Ole Petter Hobberstad, carried out further investigations from an offshore vessel called Olympic Taurus. He and his team used multi-beam echo sounders and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to examine the scene.

Sunken Nazi German WWII Warship Found Off Norwegian Coast – Photo

The warship was built in the 1920s and was later fitted with a Nazi swastika that was captured in sub-sea images that helped correctly identify it. The ship was identified through images and sonar scans of its hull and details, such as the position of its turrets.

Scientists find sunken German WW II warship off Norway

A sonar scan of sunken German WWII warship cruiser “Karlsruhe” that had been observed 13 nautical miles from Kristiansand in Norway, according to Statnett, is seen in this undated handout obtained by Reuters September 7, 2020. (Statnett/Handout via REUTERS) 

Nazi warship found 80 years after being sunk by British submarine

The cruiser was returning from the invasion of Norway in 1940 when it was torpedoed by HMS Truant, forcing the Germans to scuttle it.

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Wreck of WWII battleship with Nazi symbol discovered off Norway

It then left Kristiansand later that day, bound for Germany; along the way, it was hit by torpedoes from the British submarine Truant, which blasted large holes in the hull. Two hours later, the crew, under orders from the commander, abandoned the ship, which was then deliberately sunk by a German torpedo boat from the […]

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