The iPhone 12 Pro models will reportedly be the last to go on sale

When it comes to rumors, there’s no doubt some confusion between the launch date – when Apple will decide to announce the iPhone 12 – and the on sale date, when you can actually buy them. There’s usually a delay of a week or so between the two, but this year that delay is probably […]

Lytro’s light field camera technology could supercharge future iPhones

According to Walter Issacson’s authorized biography about former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, one of the things Jobs wanted to “revolutionize” was photography. Jobs believed the iPhone was a vehicle for doing so, but current imaging technologies limit the photographic abilities of smartphones. As detailed in a new book by Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky, Inside Apple, Jobs may […]

Qualcomm sues Apple for hobbling its iPhone chips to make Intel look better

Qualcomm says that Apple “chose not to utilize certain high-performance features of the Qualcomm chipsets for the iPhone 7 (preventing consumers from enjoying the full extent of Qualcomm’s innovation),” and when Qualcomm iPhones supposedly outperformed Intel iPhones, “Apple falsely claimed that there was ‘no discernible difference’ between” the two variants.

Apple Watch: It’s been 5 years since my original review, and it holds up

The first watch introduced some ideas that eventually made their way to other iPhones. A “taptic engine” delivered on some amazingly refined vibration effects, ranging from a purr to a ping to a gentle tap. These were way ahead of what anybody else was doing — and they weren’t just a gimmick. The notification types […]

10 new tricks WatchOS 7 will soon bring to your Apple Watch

WatchOS 7 keeps you honest about hand-washing You know we’re living through some interesting times when hand-washing receives almost as much airtime as sleep tracking in the keynote. The Apple Watch will use the motion sensors and microphone to figure out when you’re washing your hands and make sure you’re doing it right. Once it’s […]

The Drop-Proof Aluminum Charger With 5-Star Reviews is Finally Back in Stock

Made from a rugged anodized aluminum casing with a grippy, slip-proof design, the Ridge battery pack delivers a whopping 8000 mAh of power in a slim and portable package. The built-in lithium-polymer battery supports both wireless charging as well as traditional charging via one of five ports. Get USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB inputs, along […]

HTC One mini 2 review: average by design

Besides those two highlight features, HTC’s software doesn’t differ a great deal from the basic Android 4.4. It’s rarely better or worse, it just looks different in a few places. I’m fine with that. Android is a mature operating system that no longer requires custom solutions to major pain points. Companies now have to assert […]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ongoing review: 7 standout and not-so-great features today

What will we test next?More S Pen gestures. I’ve tried them out, but haven’t yet found my groove.Night photography — time to scout out something worthy of photographing in an unforced way, which is tougher when streets are near-deserted and bars and restaurants operate a bustling to-go business.Pro video mode. Maybe a neighborhood squirrel will […]

GTU, GU refuse to take bite of Apple

Varsities ask students to enrol for exams using Android devices as iOS has stricter features and does not allow access to camera which is needed for exam software to look out for cheats. Students forced to borrow devices from kin, friends Sporting that iPhone or iPad may have made some students the envy of the […]