Literature Festival Berlin: Mario Vargas Llosa on the power of literature

The festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary with big international names despite the global pandemic and its restrictions,  including Nobel Literature Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk, David Grossman, Daniel Kehlmann, Ingo Schulze, Nora Bossong, Thomas Hettche, Colum McCann, Leif Randt, Ivan Krastev and Richard Ford. Almost all of the writers’ talks are also presented virtually — a […]

What Werner Herzog’s New Film ‘Lo and Behold’ Reveals About the Internet

Lo and Behold is a survey of the beast Kleinrock and his peers have created. They couldn’t have foreseen, of course, that the enormous machines that sent messages between research centers would morph into a digital overlay on the human experience, one where state secrets compete with hockey bloopers. As the Silicon Valley pioneer Danny […]

Bauhaus at 100: what it means to me by Norman Foster, Margaret Howell and others

When I was a teenager in Zurich, there was an exhibition called The Tendency Towards the Total Work of Art curated by Harald Szeemann. It ran from February to April in 1983 and I went to see it 41 times. It was part of my inspiration to work in the arts and become a curator. […]

Why ‘Hamilton’ Is the ‘Most Disney’ Disney Film | Opinion

As time went on, the Disney vision of American history became more staid. If Miranda’s muse was Alexander Hamilton, Walt Disney’s was Abraham Lincoln. Hamilton, however, makes for a better Disney princess. His frenetic longing and nonstop motion are akin to the constant striving of a brand of heroines who became more active in the […]