Boston Public Library Maps Tool Provides At Home Fun

Over a century after some of these atlases were made, this information has become invaluable in historical research, for academia, and fun. Coolidge Corner’s renowned S.S. Pierce building in its iconic Tudor style opened in 1898 and appeared on maps after that. But by looking at older maps, you can see that David S. Coolidge […]

Coronvirus: New Plymouth District Council closes public car parks and halts libraries’ wifi

READ MORE:Coronavirus: Full coverage  Finding homes for the homeless a priority as police enforce lockdownNew Plymouth could handle another emergency, water crisis incident controller saysFreedom campers ignoring New Plymouth District Council rules

Chester Storyhouse: how a repurposed art deco cinema could revitalise the city

You have a choice of entrances – either a new glassy one or the striped plywood entrance lobby through which 1930s audiences went to see Garbo and Gable – and the hope is that visitors to whatever part of the complex will use both. Barriers are where possible removed. There is no box office – […]

The 10 most innovative virtual and augmented reality companies of 2020

The ephemeral messaging platform has increasingly become an AR company in recent years. In 2019, it added a good deal of artificial intelligence to the mix as well by introducing a new feature called Scan. Scan uses computer vision technology to understand objects in the camera’s view, then suggests AR overlays, called “lenses,” that are […]

California homeless advocate: ‘We’re moving way too slowly’

Bee is the founder of a grassroots collective called The Village that administers to roughly 40 Oakland homeless encampments. They’ve been asking for donations of lemons and vinegar to sanitize hands since bleach and Lysol are so hard to get, distributing raw garlic for an immune boost, and collecting aloe plants to make hand sanitizer.

Latest Brookline Coronavirus Updates

Senior Caregivers Eligible for Ride Share Vouchers Brookline is one of a handful of communities nationwide where caregivers who provide aid for homebound seniors can receive a coupon for free rides from Lyft. The coupons are the result of a partnership between Lyft and the National Council on Aging. To apply, click here.

Coronavirus live updates: Unemployment rate rises to 4.4%

3:25 p.m. SF supervisors push to house homeless in hotel rooms after positive test at shelter: San Francisco had its first person at a homeless shelter test positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, and a group of city leaders later gathered to call for sheltering homeless people in hotel rooms. “We have the hotel rooms, we […]

Reading beyond the lines

Heralded by F Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel and ended by the stock market crash, that decade was, Wilson wrote later, “a recklessly unspecialised era, when minds and imaginations were exploring in all directions” – an exploration commenced and consummated by “the lost generation” in response to the moribund world it had inherited, and the war […]

Google reports on mobility trend changes in Pakistan during coronavirus lockdown

“These reports show how visits and length of stay at different places change compared to a baseline. We calculate these changes using the same kind of aggregated and anonymised data used to show popular times for places in Google Maps,” it said.

This week’s Nvidia GeForce Now new games update

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye DespairDwarrowsJack Orlando: Director’s CutKnights and MerchantsMount & Blade: With Fire & SwordPOSTAL 2SpeedRunnersThe Cycle [Epic Games Store]Tropico 5So yeah, probably not the games you might have been hoping for, and certainly the online response to this update has not been altogether positive. Except maybe for The Cycle. Anything you’re struggling to run […]