Andover Coronavirus Update: 11 Confirmed Cases

“As these cases are identified, local public health officials in the area will be in contact with those persons to ensure that they are receiving appropriate care, and that any contacts are monitored,” the town asked. “It is important to note that we expect new cases to be reported as this situation continues. Please remember […]

‘Spain is at the peak of the curve’: Country sees a record 950 coronavirus fatalities in a day but number of new infections increases by its slowest rate in sign lockdown is working

The figures were published as the World Health Organization revealed that 95 per cent of people who have died in Europe have been over the age of 60, while warning that young people are not immune from the virus. 

Doctors are set to be airlifted to infested cruise ships stranded off Australian coast to test 8,000 passengers for coronavirus rather than allow them to return to port

There are 1100 crew on the Ruby Princess from 51 countries. The company argues while the ship is registered in Bermuda, its home port is effectively Sydney given it was here on a six-month cruise season.

What do futurists imagine for the post-coronavirus-pandemic world?

“I’ve been at the Extinction Rebellion actions. I’m putting my body there, not just sitting in a chair doing clicktivism, which can be useful, but I want to be there,” says musician and creative technologist, Matt Black. “There are communities online, but my impression is that people are very hungry for ‘In Real Life’ experiences. […]

Brian Kilmeade explores ‘What Made America Great’ in Fox Nation series

General Washington spent more than 16 months at his Newburgh headquarters following the colonists’ defeat of the British at Yorktown.  The site gave him a commanding view of the Hudson River Valley, which was considered to be the key to the continent.

Homeless during a pandemic: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s coronavirus podcast for April 2

Routhier: We have vans going now to folks on the streets handing out hot meals. But because we are still operating and one of the few people that are, the number of people that are coming to us is has vastly increased. And so we’re seeing the dire need on the streets every single night. […]

COVID-19 is occurring in clusters, making good data and resource allocation crucial

The current thinking among hospital administrations is in line from official and expert messaging that COVID-19 will spread evenly across the U.S. and that each major city eventually will become like New York. As a result, each hospital is hunkering down for anticipated waves of COVID-19 patients and conserving resources with no thought of reallocation […]

For Homeless People, Covid-19 Is Horror on Top of Horror

Even before the outbreak, many homeless people were left totally unsheltered. In California, where Governor Gavin Newsom estimates some 60,000 homeless people could end up infected with coronavirus, two thirds of the unhoused population lives outdoors, which is about twice the national average. Unsheltered people still rely on congregate settings to meet their basic needs, […]