America’s Oldest World War II Veteran Receives Flyover for 111th Birthday

Happy 111th Birthday to Mr. Lawrence Brooks of New Orleans, LA! While we weren’t able to have our usual birthday party at the Museum this year, we were able to host a socially distanced celebration that he could view safely from his porch.

Veterans Advocate Says Trump Has ‘No Integrity’ and ‘No Honor’

But many critics of the president quickly pointed out that Trump had referred to Arizona Senator John McCain, who died in 2018, as “a loser.” McCain was a veteran of the Vietnam War and was held as a prisoner of war for more than five years. In 2015, Trump said that he did not view […]

In Veteran’s Group Ad, WWII Survivor Condemns Trump and His GOP Allies, Says Troops ‘Are Not Losers’

The White House denied The Atlantic’s report, calling it “malicious lies.” Nevertheless, former Major General Paul Eaton, former Iraq veteran and Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and various veterans groups have all criticized Trump for his alleged remarks.

A World War II veteran will get his final wish to have Juicy Fruit-themed casket

Oakey received a contact to the company’s president from a community member and within a few days he received a call from the vice president granting permission to use the logo. The company’s president also reached out a week later saying he would not only be proud to have the Juicy Fruit logo on casket, […]

America’s oldest World War II veteran celebrates his 111th birthday

In a 2014 interview with the museum, he recounted a terrifying brush with death when he was on board a C-47 cargo jet filled with barbed wire when one of the plane’s motors went out. To lighten the load, he had to throw as much of the wire out as he could.

Army’s most senior officer rejects Donald Trump’s claim that generals pursue war to enrich defense firms saying troops are ONLY sent to fight as ‘a last resort’

Fox correspondent John Roberts, who conducted the Bolton interview, added that he has told him, ‘if [Donald Trump] had said he didn’t want to visit Aisne-Marne because the interred heroes were ‘losers’ and ‘suckers,’ he would have written an entire chapter about it in his book #TheRoomWhereItHappened.’

End of an empire: American veteran’s unearthed scrapbook reveals secret photographs of a Japanese officer handing over his sword during World War II surrender ceremony

Dave Reyes first stumbled across the black-and-white images in a scrapbook when he was seven years old and his father Filbert Reyes, who was a U.S. Navy sailor on a destroyer that was part of the U.S.S. Missouri battleship group, revealed how he took the snaps despite a ban.

Army veteran, 33, shoots himself dead in Facebook live-stream despite friends’ desperate attempts to reach him and stop the tragedy

Josh Steen, a friend and co-host of a podcast with McNutt, told Heavy: ’He didn’t seem to be the same guy that left for Iraq once he exited the service. I spent many a late night in our studio, via text message, and in person talking with him about life and his struggles.

Fox News Judge Says He Believes Trump Called Veterans ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ Because He Knows Him as ‘a Friend’

“Donald Trump is unfiltered. He often says what first comes to his mind without thinking of the likely consequences—including the hurt—his words could produce. And he believes he can repair any hurt with more words,” the former judge said. Napolitano went on to say that he personally believed that the president had made the disparaging […]

On 9/11, Remember the Veterans Who Stood to Defend America | Opinion

It is that group of Americans that we serve every day at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our mission was inspired by President Abraham Lincoln, who called on America to “care for him who have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan,” Today, of course, that includes the great women of our […]