Bosnia war veteran, 61, with PTSD says picking up fishing rod saved his life

He recalls fishing last summer with a young veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. “I saw this lad and thought, the mess he looks in – probably how I looked two years earlier,” he describes. “He had never fished before. In that first hour he caught seven roach and five rudd. I looked at him and […]

Tory MP’s ‘Selfish C**t’ Tweet to Breitbart UK Editor Over COVID-19 Mask Rule Draws Fire

“With people like Mercer promoted to ministerial positions, though, I fear the Conservative party has lost the plot,” he wrote, agreeing with Hitchens’ opinion that “the only hope for the future of conservatism in Britain is for the Conservative party to be destroyed utterly, for the party is no longer conservative.”

Boris Draws Red Line: UK Will Go for Clean Break if No EU Deal by Oct 15th

A sticking point for agreeing on a trade deal has been fishing rights, with the UK wanting to take back control of her territorial waters while the EU has demanded long-term assurances to access fishing at current arrangements. European fishermen currently land fish in more than 60 per cent of Britain’s waters.

Army vet who starred in BBC documentary on battle with PTSD ‘takes own life’

During his Army career, Brett also toured Iraq and took part in dozens of battles. He was hit in the chest plate of his body armour and blown up by a Taliban bomb. Former colleague Trevor Coult, who won the Military Cross in Iraq, paid tribute to Brett.

Veterans NHS Wales mental health support extended

Trying to escape the horrors of war The family that wouldn’t let PTSD split them Falklands War: Living with the trauma Mr Adamson said he had spent four decades suffering from flashbacks, sleep problems and anger issues before receiving psychological therapy.

Hundreds of mourners salute Royal Navy doctor who saved hundreds of lives in the Falklands War

Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly OBE treated friend and foe alike in his medical station in an old refrigeration compartment, which was famed as “the red and green life machine”.

Sons set up spy cameras and catch carer in the act stealing from elderly mum

When the earrings where discovered, Smith – formerly of Ellesmere Port – changed her story from claiming they’d been planted to saying Mrs Caddick had asked her to fetch the earrings down because she wanted to give them to her granddaughter as a gift.

Veteran Brexiteer Blames London for Failing to Ensure Security on Irish Border

The border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland remains an obstacle on the Brexit talks’ agenda as the UK’s exit from the EU may create difficulties for the free movement of goods and workers between the Republic of Ireland and the UK’s Northern Irish counties. On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. The negotiations between the […]

UK Historians and Politicians Still Arguing About Peterloo 200 Years After ‘Massacre’

​Leigh said all children should be taught about Peterloo at school and added: “They will know about 1066 and Magna Carta and Henry VIII and his six wives and they may be told about the French revolution and the battle of Waterloo but Peterloo was a major, major event which resonated down the 19th century into […]

UK war veteran Sir Tom Moore was caught speeding aged 98

When asked earlier in the year why he was raising money for medical staff he told The Guardian: “Our brave nurses and doctors are frontline in this case … this time our army are in doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms and they’re doing a marvellous job.”