Prime Minister reveals plans to fight the deadly coronavirus

The Directive No05 requires ministries, branches and localities to strictly implement the Law on Exit and Entry of Vietnamese citizens, the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment, the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and the ban on importing wildlife into the country.

A tasty social networking site using artificial intelligence

Dr Lê Thống Nhất, an expert in building social networks and university lecturer, said: “This is the first time I have seen the emergence of artificial intelligence in Việt Nam’s social networks.

Female scientist interested in rice varieties

When I returned to Việt Nam, I found it difficult when asking for research projects from provinces and organisations. Other young scientists, especially women, also face obstacles. Many organisations do not believe in us, or they only assess our capacity via articles.

Trump unveils Mideast plan favorable to Israel, angering Palestinians

Trump is in the midst of an impeachment battle over his alleged abuse of power and he faces a difficult reelection in November. Pro-Israel evangelical Christians form a key part of his voter base and they have backed his frequent moves to bolster Israel’s position in the Middle East.

USFK sends 60-day notice of potential furlough to Korean employees amid tough SMA talks

Seoul’s recent decision to expand the areas of operation for its anti-piracy Cheonghae Unit to cover the tense Strait of Hormuz in support of US maritime security operations there also came amid its efforts to enhance its alliance contributions.— YONHAP

Sahel violence having devastating impact on children: UN

The whole Sahel region has seen a “significant increase of violence against children who are caught in the cross fire,” according to the report, which added that hundreds had been maimed or forcibly separated from their families.

Tourists flock to festivals to mark the start of spring

The firecrackers are finely crafted with golden dragon and phoenix designs which are the symbols of royalty. With a length of nearly 20 feet and a weight of more than a tonne, the firecrackers need a dozen young men to carry through the festival, eagerly followed by hundreds of people.

Nadal settles Kyrgios score to keep heat on Federer record

As the tennis world mourned the death of Kobe Bryant, Kyrgios arrived at Rod Laver Arena wearing an LA Lakers shirt, and 15-year-old Coco Gauff had tributes to the basketball great scrawled on her trainers during the doubles.

Risking their lives everyday to deal with beggars

“You need to be tough and fearless to do this job as you are facing the risks of being attacked, spiritually terrorised or even threatened with violence to your loved ones if a beggar leader finds that his business has been messed up,” he told the online newspaper Dân Trí.

Trump ignores critics, to unveil Israel-Palestinian peace plan

Aaron David Miller, a Mideast expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said Kushner’s team wants to “finally, basically demonstrate that they have a plan” – and to do so ahead of the US presidential election in November.