Hoi An tourism recovers after social distancing period

Statistics from Hoi An Centre for Culture, Sports, Broadcasting and Television showed that from June 1 to July 4, 592 tickets to the old town were sold to the foreign visitors and 20,359 tickets sold to domestic tourists. From June 1 to June 22, up to 888 tickets to Thanh Ha Ceramic Village and 203 […]

Banking on customers’ sympathy is no way to revive tourism businesses

If the resort chooses to keep just one of its restaurants open and suspend most amusement activities, it has to make that clear on its website or social media page. Instead it had uploaded a video showing all its attractions as if things were normal along with reasonable prices. That, for me, is no different […]

Vietnam yet to receive foreigners due to COVID-19 risk

Without receiving foreign travelers, Vietnam is launching campaigns to stimulate the domestic tourism market. After travel restrictions were lifted, the local tourism market has shown signs of recovering, especially during the extended public holiday on April 30 and May 1.


Development of an LNG power plant in the Chan May-Lang Co EZ will likely generate positive economic impacts in a variety of ways on the local economy from the construction to the operational phase. A project of this nature and scale generally increases local GDP by 7-15 per cent during construction and 5-7 per cent […]

German paper lauds Vietnam’s economic prospects

As Vietnam shares a borderline with China, its Government has taken precautionary measures since the beginning of this year when there was not any infection case. When the first infection was found, Vietnam promptly took experience from acute respiratory illness SARS treatment to ward off the pandemic. Schools were shut down, infected areas were isolated […]

Kazakhstan Ambassador calls for deeper cooperation with Vietnam

He attributed the result to a combination of many factors, including efforts of the Vietnamese Government in mobilising all social resources and people to join in the fight against the disease, effective communication campaign and strictly supervising and quarantining suspected cases as well as entry from abroad.

Singapore finds staycations can’t fill $20 billion tourism gap

Though the country of 5.7 million people has reopened its economy after a lockdown of more than two months, its borders are still largely closed. It recorded a historic low of just 750 foreign visitors in April, down from 1.6 million in the same month last year. May’s numbers weren’t much better, at 880.

Saigon Times supports Quang Nam’s green initiative to clean up tourist sites

Vo Phung, Vice Chairman of Quang Nam Tourism Association (QTA), said that as part of the Saigon Times Group’s green initiative, QTA is cooperating with local authorities to organize this event to raise awareness over environmental protection at tourist sites. According to Phung, this also aligns with QTA’s long-term goal of limiting plastic waste in […]

Cambodian firms to offer COVID-19 insurance to foreign tourists

Phnom Penh (VNA) – The Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Health have collaborated with local insurance companies to issue the 50,000 insurance certificate required for foreign travellers, according to the Khmer Times. The collaboration came after the Cambodian government realised it was difficult to claim the money from foreign insurance companies for […]

CPI up 0.66 percent in June

Hanoi (VNA) – The June consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.66 percent month-on-month and 3.17 percent year-on-year but was down 0.59 percent against December 2019, the General Statistics Office reported on June 29. The average CPI in the first half grew 4.19 percent, while core inflation (CPI excluding grains, fresh foodstuffs, energy, and State-managed healthcare […]