Gia Lai Province celebrates Ngoc Hoi-Dong Da Victory

In the early spring of 1789, Nguyen Hue – who was later Emperor Quang Trung led his Tay Son troop to launch a surprise attack and defeated more than 29,000 invading soldiers in a battle on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, liberating the imperial city of Thang Long and regaining national independence […]

Viettel ensures smooth communications during Tet

Calls and messages during Tet rose slightly against the same period last year. However, data usage has increased sharply. 4G speeds in crowded areas, especially in firework display areas at the Sword Lake in Hanoi, Thu Thiem Tunnel, and the Landmark 81 building in Ho Chi Minh City remained at 15-100Mbps on average.

Northern villagers ring in lucky year by lugging giant cannons

Dong Ky Village used to have a contest for making and firing cannons. According to a legend, the tradition was a commemoration of General Thien Cuong who led the army and began a fight against invaders by firing a cannon on the fourth of the first lunar month during the reign of King Hung, the […]

Vietnamese, French performers join hands to bring “Kieu Story” to opera

A special point in the opera is that besides the heroine Kieu in the origin by Nguyen Du, composers have brought to the opera two new characters: two women from Africa and America. Their lives and destinies have many things in common with Kieu by Nguyen Du. They are those women with a thirst for […]

Google’s making phones more accessible to people with speech and hearing impairments

Play the Store These are the best apps for your Android device — period It can be difficult to find the “right” app when surfing the Play Store simply due to the sheer number of options available. Regardless of what type of app you’re looking for, there’s an app that can help make your life […]

Vietnamese, French performers join hands to bring “Kieu Story” to oper

“Kieu Story” is rated as a classical works of the Vietnamese literature that makes important contributions to the clarification of renowned poet Nguyen Du’s ideological stature and literature talents. It consists of 3,254 verses in the six-eight form, and was written in the “Nom” character. So far, it has been translated into over 20 languages […]

FLC Group’s shares of Bamboo Airways down by half

FLC’s financial revenue in Q4 reached nearly VND1.5 trillion ($65 million), more than three times the same period in 2018. Financial expenses cost VND124 billion ($5.35 million), helping FLC reap VND1.4 trillion ($60 million) of profit from this activity.

Secondhand shops offer stylish, sustainable fashion: Young people enjoy resale stores as they offer unique options

Many people start the year off reorganizing their closets, getting rid of items they don’t really wear and making space for new clothes that will be in vogue in the year ahead. Organizing experts insist that people throw out clothes that they have hardly worn during the previous year because it’s unlikely that they’ll wear […]

Samsung Daughter’s Husband Fights for Custody of Child

Samsung Heiress to Pay More Alimony to Ex-Husband Samsung Heiress Ordered to Pay W8.6 Billion in Alimony Court Voids Samsung Heiress’ Divorce Estranged Husband Sues Samsung Heiress for W1.2 Trillion Samsung Heiress’ Husband Tries to Set Record Straight Samsung Heiress Divorces After 17 Years Samsung Heiress’ Estranged Husband Loses Job Samsung Heiress’ Husband Wants to […]

LUCY MANGAN: Why every parent must urge their teenager to watch the TV series Sex Education

Sure, it treats many and various sex acts for laughs. But it also handles the accompanying emotions with utmost respect. Its moral message centres on the crucial difference between sex and intimacy. Intimacy does not necessarily involve sex. Sex does not necessarily imply intimacy. And one is always better when both are involved. Yes, I […]