Many California wineries will make no wine this year because of wildfire smoke

Most of the decisions at Amici Cellars in Calistoga, for instance, came after August’s LNU Lightning Complex, said John Harris, a producer of single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons from some of Napa’s most famous sites, including Missouri Hopper and Oakville Ranch. As anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows firsthand, the air quality in late August […]

Not A Fan Of Alcohol? Here Are 10 Non-Alcoholic Substitutes For Wine

10. Water You can also use water in place of wine but do keep in mind that water will not contribute any flavour, colour or acidity to your dish. Water can be used as the liquid base and nothing more and prevent the dish from being dry.

Listening to the Siren Call: Virginia Tech Works with NVIDIA to Test AV Interactions with Emergency Vehicles

NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion is an autonomous vehicle data collection and perception platform. It consists of a complete sensor suite and NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus in-car AI computing platform, along with the full software stack for autonomous driving, driver monitoring and visualization.

‘Hurricane-type’ winds part of a troubling new pattern in Bay Area weather, experts say

“Maybe the wind patterns are normal, but maybe the lack of rain is abnormal,” he said. “There’s different things playing into it…It’s a pretty complex system. When it starts changing like this, we’re really all getting a front row seat to what happens and there’s going to be a lot of surprises.”

The Diablo winds are coming. California fires could get even worse when they do

“They are similar to the Santa Ana winds,” said Roger Gass, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, referring to the wind patterns in Southern California that have fueled hundreds of huge blazes over the years. “They are very dry and create critical fire conditions.”

Seeking to blame something for your power going off? Look east to Winnemucca, Nev.

Warm and dry Diablo winds originate over the high deserts of the Great Basin. They blow when cold, high-pressure air over the region runs in contrast to low-pressure systems near the Pacific Coast. As the winds move from the deserts across the Sierra Nevada, they rush downhill, gaining heat and speed as they approach the […]

New space toilet reaches the final frontier

Launch delays and detailsTonight’s launch was previously scheduled to take place Tuesday evening (Sept. 29), but the liftoff was delayed “due to poor weather conditions anticipated Tuesday and Wednesday,” NASA wrote.  An attempted launch on Thursday was aborted two minutes and 40 seconds before liftoff due to the ground support equipment glitch. Northrop Grumman engineers […]

Trump is taking the latest in COVID-19 treatments. Here’s how those medicines work.

Here we are sharing what physicians have learned over the past eight months treating various stages of this disease. Early in the year, there were few known treatments for people who showed severe COVID-19 symptoms apart from sustaining them on ventilators. Now, several months later, there are a handful of treatments, including drugs, that give […]

No Time for Self-Care? Try These 31 Snack-Size Habits

These are three phrases most of us rarely heard (or said) before March 2020, but now we are flooded with them. And every time we hear them on the news or at work, we are reminded that our lives as we knew them have changed. Many days bring feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm – […]

A Killer Hiding on the Appalachian Trail?

Hammes fled from the authorities just as they were about book him. On the trail, he shed the coat and tie and metamorphosed into a grizzly man by becoming “Bismarck.” The Jerry Garcia doppleganger started befriending fellow trailblazers who wandered the Appalachian Trail. On various blog posts by fellow “thru-hikers” Bismarck was a constant character […]