Lydia Hearst shows off her figure in a sultry poolside shoot for Maxim that was shot via FACETIME while she was in quarantine – with her husband Chris Hardwick assisting the photographer

Lydia’s latest shoot perfectly captures the feel that summer is ending and fall is right around the corner, a season that Lydia is likely looking forward to considering her love of horror.  

Vogue Williams shares new photo of baby Gigi inside her stunning home

New mum Vogue Williams shared a new photo of her and Spencer Matthews’ five-week-old daughter Gigi Margaux inside their stunning home – but the five-week-old had to share the spotlight with a scene-stealing family member! The radio and TV presenter posted a cute snap of baby Gigi, looking sweet in a white sleep suit set, […]

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I can always get another wife.’ How Donald Trump shrugged off Melania leaving him over his infidelity, used Ivanka to charm businessmen, raged at Don Jr. over hunting photos and gossiped about Tiffany’s looks, Michael Cohen details in new book

Cohen writes: ‘Finally, in desperation, the three older kids came to my office to ask me to talk to the boss and convince him to drop out of the campaign before it totally destroyed the family’s reputation, name and brand. Their social position and legacy were being flushed down the drain, they knew, but there […]

‘I had suppressed who I was’: Jade Thirlwall says she was ‘bullied’ into being ashamed of her heritage as she discusses lack of representation with her mother for Vogue Arabia

‘I went through a lot in the first two years of secondary school. It was known as a really good school and my mam wanted me to have a really good education.’In hindsight I probably would have just rather gone to school were I would fit in more.’

Francis Ford Coppola Readying New “Godfather III” Cut

Some legendary American filmmakers are content to leave their finished work be — and then there’s Francis Ford Coppola. While he’s left some of his best-loved films alone, like The Godfather and The Conversation, he’s also revisited other elements of his filmography. He’s recut Apocalypse Now several times, and also revisited his period drama The […]

Princess Diana’s hairdresser admits it was ‘weird’ recreating his client’s signature style on actress Emma Corrin who plays the royal in the next series of The Crown

He added: ‘Someone sent me a television clip of her, [filmed] around the time of the Andrew Morton book, where the interviewer asked her what sparked her confidence to change in the early ’90s, and she actually said that it was Sam, who cut her hair. I melted.’ 

How Influencers Get Free Products, and You Can Too!

As is the case with many things on Instagram, it turns out the practice has its origins on a different platform: YouTube, where beauty vloggers, after months of product use, would post “Empties Reviews,” to signal to their audience what’s worth buying (anything they’d used so frequently that they’d run out) and what isn’t. These […]

WU LYF – so good at being a band that nobody’s asked about their music yet

If all this sounds like ingenious marketing, it’s because it is. WU LYF are managed by Warren Bramley, founder of creative agency four23, whose clients have included Adidas, Reebok and Virgin. WU LYF began by playing exclusively at four23’s cafe, An Outlet, grew by selling a £50 demo, and now offer only one piece of […]