Number of police officers drops to lowest level for 11 years

The official figures show that there were falls in the number of officers in 42 of the 43 forces across England and Wales in the 12 months to September 2012. Only Surrey bucked the trend with a net increase of 20 officers in the force. The largest drop was in Greater Manchester, which lost 333 […]

Coronavirus: Thousands return to UK to beat France quarantine

The UK’s ambassador to France, Lord Llewellyn, acknowledged that the new quarantine rule would be “unwelcome news” for Britons in the country, but stressed that people could continue with their holidays as long as they follow safety precautions and self-isolate on their return.

UK Lightning map and LIVE tracker: Where are the thunderstorms today?

If you are in an exposed location, the Met Office advises that you squat down on the ground with your hands on your knees and your head in between them.

Brit ISIS bride pictured in Western clothes amid warning she faces arrest in UK

Begum’s brother-in-law Mohammed Rahman said: “If that’s what she can do, that’s what she can do. I can’t see what other option she has. I can understand her point of view. Equally, I see how people can say, ‘You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.’”

Kellogg’s paid NO UK corporation tax on its biggest British-based businesses

Kellogg’s, whose UK boss is Steven Cahillane, said: “We pay all corporate tax according to the laws of the countries in which we make and sell our foods.”

UK warning issued over extremely rare infection caused by tick bite as two hospitalised

Keeping to footpaths and avoiding long grass when out walking Wearing appropriate clothing such as a long-sleeved shirt, and trousers tucked into your socks makes it less likely that a tick will bite and attach Considering the use of repellents containing DEET Making it a habit to carry out a tick check regularly when you’re […]

Swarms of mosquitoes to plague UK as hot weather offers ‘perfect breeding ground’

The many empty swimming pools left uncleaned due to the Covid-19 pandemic became fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes, which thrive in warm, moist air.

Despair and delight of UK’s Covid exam generation: From the young carer robbed of a university place to twins who scored identical A*s and are now off to Oxford

And Enyala says her time at the college has also given her and her sister time to grow individually. She said: ‘For the first time Arianne and I have made separate friends, perhaps because we chose such different subjects. As twins this is quite unusual as we are very alike in many ways but also […]

UK-France quarantine: Holidaymakers face rush to return

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Germany brings travelers back home More and more countries are sealing their borders, and many flights are cancelled. With special flights Lufthansa and its subsidiary Eurowings want to bring up to 6,500 stranded holidaymakers from the Caribbean, the Canary Islands and on Mallorca back to Germany. In Morocco, the German […]

UK coronavirus cases grow by 1,441 – highest for two months – as deaths rise by 11

Coronavirus cases rise in Halifax and North West Manchester restrictions to remain for another week French quarantine ‘shambles’ slammed by trapped Brits Casinos, bowling alleys and soft play centres to reopen Shameless airlines cash in on Brits fleeing France Northampton sandwich factory where 300 workers infected STILL open In England, eight coronavirus deaths were confirmed […]