Palestinians Regroup, Tell Arab World Not to Deal with Israel Before Peace

Arab countries, especially those on the Arabian Peninsula, have long drifted away from hardline anti-Israel stances, especially as the rising influence of nearby revolutionary Shiite Muslim Iran became an increased concern of the Sunni Muslim monarchies of the region. But in the face of this well-established trend, Erekat appealed to fellow Arabs not to concede […]

These are the best cheap 4K TV deals for September 2020

Once you’ve set a realistic limit, it’s time to start considering the features you need. There’s a lot to choose from, ranging from Roku’s beloved Roku OS smart software on TCL’s 4K TVs to Google Assistant on most Sony and Vizio models. We suggest taking a long think about the tools that will make your […]

Donald Trump to host Israel-UAE deal-signing ceremony on September 15

“I am proud to embark next week to Washington, at the invitation of President Trump, to take part in the this historic ceremony at the White House for the foundation of the peace treaty between Israel and the United (Arab) Emirates,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.

Japan-EU trade deal ‘light in darkness’ amid Trump’s protectionism

Trump has been condemned at home and abroad after failing to denounce Russian meddling in the US presidential election during a joint press conference with Putin, during which he appeared to side with the Kremlin over his own intelligence services. The Republican senator John McCain has claimed that “no prior president has ever abased himself […]

Palestinian FM urges Arab states to dismiss Israel-UAE deal

Al-Malki described the deal between the UAE and Israel as “an earthquake” that hit the Arab consensus over the Palestinian cause and he urged Arab foreign ministers to reject the deal, “otherwise our meeting will be considered a blessing or collusion with it, or a cover for it”.

Arab League in dead-lock over resolution condeming UAE-Israel deal

It offered normalisation only in return for a full Israeli withdrawal from the territories it occupied in the Six-Day War of 1967, a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital and a just solution for Palestinian refugees and their descendants, who now number more than five million, according to the United Nations.

Why Former Israeli Intel Chief Calls on Trump Not to Quit Nuclear Deal with Iran

They also referred to a range of top US defense officials who oppose quitting the deal now, although they would support tougher inspections of Iran’s military nuclear sites and restrictions on Iran’s testing of advanced uranium centrifuges.

ByteDance may miss US deadline for TikTok deal

ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming has been caught in a clash between the world’s two preeminent powers. The serial entrepreneur has been reluctant to give up U.S. TikTok from the start because he sees the business as a viable long-term competitor to Facebook Inc. and Google. He came under pressure to cede control when the Trump […]

Biden Says Iran Closer to Nuclear Weapons Under Trump, Would Re-Enter Deal

The Trump administration has tried to rally its allies against Iran but has failed. The other signatories to the JCPOA—Russia, China, the U.K., Germany and France—remain committed, and the United Nations Security Council has rejected U.S. efforts to extend an arms embargo on Iran or re-apply the sanctions lifted by the JCPOA.

Donald Trump Calls on Iran to ‘Make the Big Deal’ Before 2020 Election as Michael White Returns Home

Critics of the JCPOA have argued that the deal was too lenient on Tehran and did not curb the regime’s ballistic missile program or its regional influence, which has seen Iran establish and invest in proxy militias and allied forces across the Middle East. This has given Tehran huge influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen […]