2020 is on course to be one of hottest years on record — with global temperatures over 2°F above baseline as climate crisis continues

Research into the 2003 European heatwave suggested at the time that human activity had more than doubled the risk of such warm summers — and that annual heatwaves like we are experiencing now could become commonplace by around the middle of the century.

Paging doctor Spot! Boston Dynamics’ robot dog is ‘sniffing’ out coronavirus symptoms in patients from over six feet away at Massachusetts hospital

‘We are thrilled to have forged this industry-academia partnership in which scientists with engineering and robotics expertise worked with clinical teams at the hospital to bring sophisticated technologies to the bedside,’ said senior author Giovanni Traverso, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and a gastroenterologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Deadpool wants you to check-in with your doctor before you buy his movie

If you’re on the Deadpool marketing team you don’t do anything by the book, whether it’s a poster, a billboard…or a promo for the Blu-Ray. Case in point; Ryan Reynolds debuted a typically irrevent ad for Deadpool’s upcoming home entertainment release which goes out of its way to sell us more than just a DVD. […]

Hear Neal Casal’s Final Solo Recordings ‘Everything Is Moving’ and ‘Green Moon’

The final solo recordings of Neal Casal, the prolific solo artist and in-demand guitarist who died in August 2019, have been made available. “Everything Is Moving” and “Green Moon” were released Thursday to both pay tribute to Casal and raise funds for the Neal Casal Music Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to put musical instruments […]

Explore lesser-known Central Highlands town Mang Den

Visitors to Mang Den in Kon Plong District can explore the winding mountain passes, beautiful valleys and pine forests reminiscent of famous resort town Da Lat in Lam Dong Province, known for its consistent cool climate and French heritage.

Opinion: Trump’s deceptively marketed ‘election defense fund’

It was not a university but rather, a high-pressure sales operation that brought people in with free seminars and then pushed them to sign up for courses that topped out at nearly $35,000. Former employees said this grift “preyed on the elderly and uneducated.” What they received were lectures and materials, some of which had […]

Lenny Kravitz on Love, Anger, and Music

In the end of the book, you write, “The life of a rock star is equal measure a beautiful blessing and a perilous burden.” What’s the “perilous burden” and how has that shaped how you relate to people? I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Even though I’d been around fame and I’d watched […]

Rap’s Renaissance Man

Back in August, hip-hop celebrated its 47th birthday, an auspicious date marked by DJ Kool Herc’s legendary Back to School Jam in the Bronx. Born less than two years later and more than 1,000 miles away, Juicy J grew up with that music, first as a DJ, then as a producer and rapper. “I’ve always […]

Florida Rep.-elect Kat Cammack shares personal story about abortion: ‘My mom chose life’

She’s backed by a record number of like-minded Republican women. The camaraderie and energy among the 18 new GOP congresswomen were on display in matters big and small. When Cammack’s curling iron broke in Washington, D.C., during freshman orientation, she was on a group chat of new friends who could lend her one in a pinch.