The Walking Dead season 10 finale release date: when will episode 16 air?

Everything new on Netflix this month The best Netflix moviesThe best Netflix showsThe Walking Dead season 10 finale release date could be announced on July 24First, what we officially know. “The planned finale will appear as a special episode later in the year,” is the line from production company Skybound. That comes after the final episode […]

The Walking Dead will expand season ten by six episodes as the upcoming season is delayed due to COVID-19

‘Sometimes, the limits placed on you lead to a lot of creativity,’ she added. ‘It’s important to us that everybody feels comfortable when shooting and safe when they do it. If that means changing things up a little bit, that’s not a huge burden to us.’ 

Fear The Walking Dead season 6 release date announced during Comic-Con 2020

Chambliss also confirmed during the Comic-Con panel that they had almost finished filming the first half of the season when production shut down due to coronavirus. “We’re excited for where the back half of the season is going to go,” he said, “and we’re getting kinda antsy as [fellow producer] Ian [Goldberg] and I acting […]

The Walking Dead season 10 finale release date confirmed for October – 6 “extra” episodes coming in 2021

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air on October 4. The much-anticipated news about the delayed episode 16 was revealed during the show’s Comic-Con 2020 panel which included appearances from Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and showrunner Angela Kang… but, wait, there’s more! We’re actually getting new season 10 episodes next year.

The Walking Dead’s World Beyond April release date confirmed – but spin-off will only run for two seasons

The Walking Dead will air on FOX in the UK on February 24 and be available to stream on NOW TV.

The Walking Dead’s Samantha Morton was branded ‘difficult’ for refusing to perform explicit oral sex scenes aged 16

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SDCC: Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer Released, Premiere Date Confirmed

In the minute-long clip, Morgan (Lennie James) can be heard asking for help as the show picks up following the Season 5 finale, which left him near death. Based on the trailer, he’s not dead yet but doesn’t seem far from it–especially now that it seems he’s being hunted.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Trailer Released, Premiere Date Confirmed

After being off the air for nearly a year, we now know when AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead will return. During the show’s [email protected] panel, it was announced that Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, October 11. Additionally, a trailer for the new season was revealed, which you can watch below.

Feat The Walking Dead Season 6 Premieres First Trailer And Reveals Release Date

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 11 with new episodes. Now the question is when the main show in this universe, The Walking Dead, will join it. You may remember the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead was unable to be finished due to COVID-19. A new date has not […]

The Walking Dead fans call out major timeline errors dating back to The Governor as changing seasons fail to add up

In the wake of Alpha’s (Samantha Morton) death, Beta (Ryan Hurst) assumed control of The Whisperers and led their zombie horde to attack the members of the allied communities who’d been displaced by the attack on Hilltop.