Anthony Edwards linked to Golden State Warriors in mock draft

CBS Sports writer Colin Ward-Henninger believes that Edwards is the best fit for the Warriors as they look to get back into playoff contention in the Western Conference. He discussed how Edwards’ athleticism and shot-creation will pair with the Warriors.

Report: Kevin Durant to sign 1+1 contract for less than max with Warriors

The question was whether Durant would sign a 1+1 or long-term deal. Because annual raises are based on first-year salary, a long-term contract this summer would have locked him into a lower salary for years – but provided security. A 1+1 will allow Durant to opt out next summer and re-sign for his max, meaning […]

Warriors mailbag: What’s Golden State’s best-case scenario this offseason?

If Golden State can do all of that, I think it’ll have enough scoring and depth to be a legitimate title contender. It should help that a number of teams are going to be in cost-cutting mode. Though the Warriors are in line to stare down a large luxury-tax bill next season, I expect majority […]

Report: New NBA G-League pro pathway team to be located in Walnut Creek

The new pro pathway program team will be a one-year developmental academy where players receive a full year of training under pro coaches in a professional environment. The team will also play other G-League teams (that don’t count in the regular G-League standings), international squads, and NBA practice teams. The team’s head coach is Brian […]

Report: Warriors concerned about luxury-tax cost of re-signing Andre Iguodala

Kevin Durant is reportedly set to do the Warriors a huge favor – forgo a maximum salary, which would allow them to re-sign Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston and use the taxpayer mid-level exception ($5,192,000) rather than the room exception ($4,328,000).

Report: Andre Iguodala to ‘seriously consider’ leaving Warriors in free agency

One other possibility with this report: It could be a smokescreen to avoid scrutiny into the Warriors breaking league rules by agreeing to a contract with Iguodala before free agency. Especially with that previous report out there, this could be designed to cast doubt on the inevitability of Iguodala re-signing – accurate or not.

Report: At least seven teams will try to pick off free agent Andre Iguodala from Warriors

Golden State has a lot of free agents to retain or replace this summer if they are going to keep their championship team together. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are the two biggest names, but both going to get massive paydays from the team and are not going anywhere. Then there are the role players teams […]

Free Agency primer: Top 25 free agents to watch

3) Gordon Hayward. He’s an All-Star, near All-NBA level wing player in a league where some elite teams are looking for one. He will have as many max offers as he wants, but the race appears to be down to Miami, Boston, and Utah. He will meet with all three then decide early next week, […]

Stephen Curry to play Tour’s Ellie Mae Classic

It’ll be the first PGA Tour-sanctioned event for Curry, who has competed in various celebrity events and pro-ams. The top 25 on Tour’s regular-season money list will earn PGA Tour cards.

Why Donald Trump’s Campaign Could Prove to Be the Death of the Christian Right

The intergenerational tensions among conservative Evangelicals likely won’t matter at all on November 8. But down the road, the experience of sacrificing their integrity for a failed presidential campaign may have an impact on Christian conservative leaders who haven’t already traded their birthright of independence for a mess of Republican Party pottage. As it happens, […]