‘Murica survival kit: Clutching The West Wing like a baby clutches a blankie

Hopelessly optimistic, relentlessly “woke” and unrepentantly kind (apparently that’s a dirty word now? How absurd can 2020 get?), the little show about folks running the greatest superpower on Earth with all the compassion, integrity and love for their country they could muster was good TV, morally and in terms of pure televisual enjoyment.

UFC 4 Gets “Emergency” Update; See The Patch Notes Here

UFC 4 Patch 2.03 Notes:Fixed stability issues related to the purple screen bug.Removed haptic feedback from online modes.Fixed a bug where headlock stamina drain was excessive: For these special clinch positions, there is an intended stamina drain that was unnecessarily continuing during the animation of their follow-up move. In the case of the headlock, the […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Energy Drinks Will Come With Xbox Credit And Contest Entries For Cool Prizes

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Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez – as it happened

But what’s uglier in life than a bad, confident dancer? Canelo’s badness overwhelms, and I go back to scribbling notes about cement feet and a straight bludgeoning of rhythm. You watch the so-called future of boxing as he clomps around to ranchera in Seahawk green shoes and Under Armour everything in Shane Mosley’s gym, surrounded […]