What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

It’s something that needs to happen anyway, to deal with climate change. To hit a climate target of 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius, the entire global economy will need to reach net-zero emissions. That includes changing the way that buildings are heated and how kitchen stoves are powered, not only in new buildings, but in […]

Turkey’s search for oil may spill over into conflict with Greece

It’s been a while since NATO-members Turkey and Greece have been at war, but don’t rule out at least a skirmish or two. On Monday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense tweeted pictures of Turkish warships escorting the oil exploration ship Oruç Reis en route to an area of the eastern Mediterranean claimed by both countries. […]

This hydrogen-powered supercar can drive 1,000 miles on a single tank

While it is the most plentiful element in the universe, hydrogen doesn’t naturally exist by itself. Before it can be used as a fuel, hydrogen has to be broken out of molecules of water, natural gas or other substances. That’s usually done by using electricity to split those larger molecules apart. Energy is then released […]

UK fracking backlash: seven of eight plans rejected in 2018

During the sometimes heated meeting, the operations director of Ineos, Tom Pickering, had his microphone switched off by the chair, councillor Alan Atkin, for continuing to talk after being asked to stop. “I am not having anyone ridden roughshod over this planning board,” Atkin told Pickering. “Ineos has not covered itself in glory,” he added.

Turkish energy exploration vessel sails into deep discord

ΑΤΗENS: The seismic vessel Oruc Reis’ arrival on Monday in a disputed area of the eastern Mediterranean, following Turkey’s announcement it was resuming energy exploration work, reignites tensions between two NATO allies with a long history of discord.Greece and Turkey almost went to war in 1974 over Cyprus, which has since been divided, with the […]

Environmentalist Bill McKibben on national security implications of climate change

BILL MCKIBBEN: As I write in the book, a good deal, I think that the prospect of human genetic engineering, in particular manipulating fetuses in embryo to produce some set of desired characteristics is a really dangerous step to be taking, and an unnecessary one, since we don’t need to do it to deal with […]

‘Kicked in the teeth’: Devastation mounts from Midwest storm

The derecho produced seven tornadoes in the Chicago metropolitan area, including an EF-1 tornado with 110 mph winds that hit the Rogers Park neighborhood on the city’s north side before moving onto Lake Michigan as a waterspout, the National Weather Service said.

Exclusive: How SF sidestepped state law on developing toxic sites

But several environmental lawyers told The Chronicle that the California Environmental Quality Act allows far more scrutiny of development on toxic sites than the city’s process alone. Under state law, the public can require safer measures be taken to reduce significant impacts on the environment and health, and can more easily sue if they are […]

6 former EPA bosses call for agency reset after election

The EPA, now under the leadership of former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, has been an avid agent of Trump’s drive to cut regulations he sees as unnecessarily burdensome to business, including the coal, gas and oil industries. The administration says it is rolling back rules without increasing risk to the public health and environment.

European banks face indigenous calls to end Amazon oil trade

European banks committed to backing action on climate change face allegations of double standards from indigenous groups in Ecuador after a report named them as major players in the trade in oil from the Amazon rainforest. Stand.earth and Amazon Watch said ING, Credit Suisse, Natixis, BNP Paribas, UBS and Rabobank were the largest backers in […]