David Blaine’s next big stunt will be a live-streamed YouTube Original

David Blaine is taking his stunts to YouTube. The magician announced today that his first major live event in a decade will take place exclusively on his YouTube channel. Called Ascension, the event will entail Blaine attaching himself to a variety of helium balloons and attempting to float across the Hudson River from New Jersey […]

Pennsylvania American Water Starts $24 Million Upgrade In Yardley

Newtown  |  News  |  1d Newtown  |  News  |  1d Coronavirus In PA Children: New Data On Cases, Deaths Released A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics explores state-level data on COVID-19 cases in children. Here’s what they say about PA:

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas?

Installing new gas infrastructure can’t fully eliminate the risks of the technology and doesn’t solve the climate problem. And yet major investment is happening, including in Baltimore. “There are huge expenses planned to replace leaky pipes with brand new pipes, which would have a very long useful life and presumably some expectation that they’re going […]

Best UK streaming and pay-TV services 2020: Sky, Virgin, Netflix and Amazon Prime compared and ranked

The Apple TV app is available on Apple’s devices, including Macs, iPhones, iPads and the Apple TV streaming box, on a handful of smart TVs from Samsung and LG, plus Amazon’s Fire TV and Roku’s streaming boxes, but not Android devices or Amazon’s Fire tablets. Other devices can stream Apple TV+ in a browser. You […]

Oil spill disasters: Ways to limit environmental damage

France battles to contain oil spill at high sea A race against time Oil floats on the surface of the ocean because it has a lower density than water. So authorities need to capture the oil before it disperses. But bad weather conditions have led to delays. After several days, Spanish and French authorities were […]

The best comedies to stream right now – and where you can watch them

Bookended by spectacular opening and closing action salvos, writer-director Adam McKay’s film does for detectives what his earlier Ferrell-collaboration, Anchorman, did for television news hosts – mercilessly take the mickey. Whether it’s a car chase scored to the Mamas and Papas’ Monday, Monday, a big night out played out entirely in still images, blaming a company’s financial crisis […]

Sea of Thieves: hands-on with the hilarious co-op pirate adventure

We managed to make it to an X, using spades to dig up a chest, which someone then had to carry to the boat protected by the others. This treasure is never really safe – another team could be transported into your world, just in time to steal the box away, either while you’re on […]

Facelift for Putharikandam Maidanam

Public Toilets outside the maidanam has already been re-developed using Smart City funds. Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited (SCTL) is also installing two drinking water kiosks within the maidanam. Anert has proposed to fund and install an Electric vehicle charger for the electric rickshaws being operated by SCTL in the parking area outside Maidanam. The estimated […]

Cardi B wishes Kylie Jenner a Happy 23rd Birthday and thanks the mogul for being in her WAP music video…amid backlash over her cameo

‘The fact that you made time in your schedules means alot to me! It was so important to me to include different women,that are different races and come from different backgrounds but are so powerful and influential.’

Fly a plane in Grand Theft Auto by holding your arms out like wings with these Kinect controls

I don’t know what’s more surprising: that someone has set up a Kinect to control aeroplanes in Grand Theft Auto V by holding his arms out like a kid pretending to be a plane on the playground, or that he didn’t make speed controlled by how loudly he shouted “Nyoom!” This is the latest work […]