Lockdown: Ways to rekindle your relationship

In the midst of the rat race, we forget to say, ‘thank you’, to our partners and closest family members as we unknowingly take all their gestures towards us for granted. Viveck Shettyy, life coach says, “Express gratitude as frequently as possible for all the wonderful time spent together in the past and in the […]

‘I thought 2020 would be my year’: Former Married At First Sight star Melissa Lucarelli says the coronavirus pandemic has stopped her breaking her decade-long sex drought

‘We had nothing in common’: In a previous column for The Latch, Mel wrote that she and her husband Dino Hira (pictured) were ‘totally mismatched’ by the show’s relationship experts

This is what 50 looks like: Retired ballet dancer says natural Botox and DIY blow dries keeps her youthful

After retiring from ballet at 44, it was difficult to make the transition into other exercise. I can’t go running as my hips are too turned out from dancing, which makes it painful. However, then I heard about workout DVD Slim In Six by Debbie Siebers (amazon.co.uk): it’s a combination of weight-bearing and cardio exercises […]

We must let every single NHS hero know how much we love them, says Chris Evans as he backs Sun’s Who Cares Wins appeal

It is therefore our unequivocal, unanimous and united duty to let each and every one of our priceless doctors, nurses, carers and consultants — plus all their support staff, services and volunteers — know we will be forever in their debt and that we love them.

Caroline Flack thought Love Island axe was ‘a good thing’, reveals pal Laura Whitmore

The aim is that by sharing practical advice, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers people face when talking about their mental health, we can all do our bit to help save lives.

Tyson Fury says coronavirus lockdown will make him ‘different person’

Breazeale: Too big, too strong for Whyte’Pain was crazy’: Whyte’s hidden injury agonyPulev to donate half of AJ purse to coronavirus medics”People are really realising now what’s important in life. Sometimes we get lost in the ride of life, thinking about our ambitions and everything – and we forget about the really important things – […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review – a faithful retread, with a few missteps along the way

This Remake is respectful of the original Final Fantasy 7 for the majority of its runtime, right down to specific lines of dialogue being said just so and NPCs being dressed a certain way But it has made a lot of changes too – some small, some story-alteringly huge. The Wall Market, for example, retains […]

Have never felt so helpless, says stranded Real Kashmir coach

“We got automated responses of emails like everybody gets. All the borders are closed so we can’t go to Delhi by road. The hard part is getting from Srinagar to Delhi as we have to get past borders and they are closed off. We are just waiting to see what happens.”

Blake Shelton’s Undying Love for Vodka

Tell me about Smithworks Vodka and how you got involved. “Over the years, I had been approached by other alcohol brands but none ever felt like the right fit. I really wanted a brand to feel authentic to me. With Smithworks, the product was in its infancy, so being part of the brand so early […]

Seven ways to banish coronavirus blues – including dreaming of your next holiday

According to psychologist Dr Frances Goodhart, your body is probably primed to do something to improve your odds of survival and your nervous system will be constantly pumping out stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which will leave you feeling jittery and anxious.