Man in the mask returns to change world with new coalition and his own sexy novel

The subcomandante’s specific aim in his current low-key tour of the country is to consolidate the broad and loose collection of marginal left groups known as The Other Campaign. Marcos hopes this rather chaotic mix of everybody from radical transvestites to Marxist trade unionists will eventually play a leading role in channelling the discontent he […]

We need geeks, not James Bonds, for post-Covid world, says French spy chief

For some it is hard to imagine the jump from decoding for fun to working for the secret services. But Matthieu Lequesne of the National Research Institute for Digital Science and Technology (INRIA), and one of the co-organisers of the competition, said that “behind the maths, logic, computer science, the stakes are political”.

When the Way Out of Boko Haram Is an Ancient Slave Route

I visited Bama in June. The week I arrived, a group of women displaced by Boko Haram had formed The Knifar Movement, which advocates for the rights of displaced women in the northeast. The women petitioned Nigerian parliamentarians accusing CJTF militia members and soldiers of “sexual violence and rape” of female IDPs in Bama, and […]

Junipero Serra left mark in ways that weren’t saintly, many say

In short, the Spanish settlers, the military and the missionaries began the development of modern California. The new people hunted down the wild game and made the countryside safe for cattle ranching. They eliminated the vast crops of acorns the Indians used to make flour, and changed their world.

‘They died in the exact same way’

“There’s so many modern parallels with what’s going on in Australia and the United States,” Sudanese-Australian activist and author Yassmin Abdel-Magied told CNN. ​”It’s the same institutionalized racism, it’s the same black deaths in custody and police getting away with it with impunity.” Australian police did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Wildfires engulfing the west coast are fueled by climate change, experts warn

A fire near Santa Barbara jumped Route 101 so quickly that fire department helicopters had to dump water directly onto cars on the road. Similarly dramatic scenes have unfolded in Arizona, where a fire that has burned more than 12,000 acres has rained ash upon residents in the Show Low area. Huge plumes of smoke […]

Warning: The world won’t hit climate goals unless energy innovation is rapidly accelerated

Although social distancing and health restrictions are causing carbon emissions to tumble, investment in energy is also falling sharply. Spending in the energy industry is expected to plunge by a record $400 billion, or 20%, this year, the IEA previously estimated.

Europeans’ trust in US as world leader collapses during pandemic

Attitudes to Russia remained largely unchanged, other than in Italy, where nearly a quarter of respondents said they perceived the country more positively as a result of the pandemic. Russia sent military doctors and supplies to Italy’s hardest-hit region, Lombardy, during the early phase of the emergency.

Unreliable data: how doubt snowballed over Covid-19 drug research that swept the world

In the meantime, another drug, an anti-malarial called hydroxychloroquine, a derivative of chloroquine, was gaining traction as a potential Covid-19 treatment in the US after Donald Trump described it as possibly “one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” adding, “it’s not going to kill anybody”. Soon after, a US man died after he […]

Surgisphere: governments and WHO changed Covid-19 policy based on suspect data from tiny US company

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the institution affiliated with the hydroxychloroquine study and its lead author, Mandeep Mehra, said in a statement: “Independent of Surgisphere, the remaining co-authors of the recent studies published in The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have initiated independent reviews of the data used in both papers after learning […]