The rise and mighty fall of Rana Kapoor

There was Jaspal Singh Bindra, the executive chairman of the Centrum Group (he was also the former group executive director and CEO for Asia at Standard Chartered Bank, or StanChart); V Shankar, now CEO of the private equity firm, Gateway Partners, and former CEO of StanChart’s Middle East, Africa and Americas business; and Vishwavir Ahuja, […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review – a faithful retread, with a few missteps along the way

Some changes are smoother in their implementation. Combat is very different here, updated in order to keep pace with modern players. You now control the party as they move freely around the field of battle in real time, where blocking or carrying out basic attacks fill an ATB, or active time battle, bar. With each […]

Ben Affleck says he’s looking for love as he admits he can’t fix marriage to Jennifer Garner

Ben’s frank comments come as he promotes his new film, The Way Back, which is the comeback story of an alcoholic basketball coach.

Star Mackenzie McKee’s Husband Josh Re-Proposes After Split: ‘We Found Our Way Back’

“I see this cowboy that I married dressed up in this suit with a rose in his mouth,” she says. “And he was walking towards me and the music starts playing and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. I cannot believe this is happening.’ ”

Fall Out Boy Makes Big Time Donation For Chicago Coronavirus Relief

“No act of kindness is too small right now,” Wentz added. “Check in with the people you love. Support the businesses you love if you can. Stay vigilant and hopeful. Everyone is affected by this, and we win by coming together and thinking of the world as bigger of ourselves.”

How to keep relationships alive when you’re living in a coronavirus lockdown

Vanessa says: “The evidence is that if parties are forced to spend time together with competitive approaches to family – who is to look after the children or clear up or simple household tasks? – there appears to be an explosion of selfishness perceived by the injured party.

Movie Night: Popcorn, Soda and a Major American Dance Company

The movie theater at New York City’s Union Square was one of more than 600 across the country to present San Francisco Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet on the big screen Thursday as part of the new series Lincoln Center at the Movies: Great American Dance. Audiences will also have a chance to see Alvin Ailey […]

Woman moves in with boyfriend during lockdown – and makes unpleasant discovery

On the topic of beers, I found myself having to pick up all the empties from the floor and put them in the bin, or put them in the bin even though he had left them right next to the bin on the side, but just hadn’t quite managed to throw them away all together.

Weekly Horoscope: 5 April To 11 April

Libra: 23 September – 22 October Some serious problems may arise in your personal life this week. While some people in the house will be happy with you, some people will also be unhappy with your behavior. In such a situation, you have to act very wisely. You can try to improve your spoiled relationship, […]

China Box Office Growth Slows In 2018; Tricky Balancing Act Ahead For 2019

While an 8% ticketing fee has helped goose figures over the past few years, it’s become standard accounting across the industry. However, let’s hope some dubious marketing methods employed to boost local pics this year do not constitute a trend. To wit: Back in August, iPartment took $44M on its first day, then plummeted. The […]