Underworld: Blood Wars

The Real Housewives of New York City premiere recap: We’re not cocktail talkers, we’re bad bitches

Alarming data shows African Americans make up a disproportionate share of coronavirus cases and are more likely to die – as senators demand testing is expanded to communities

Black people were deemed more likely to work in an ‘essential’ job role such as food supply, health care, transportation and government, that don’t allow for remote work amid lockdowns. The population in Milwaukee County earns 50 percent less than white counterparts.

Craig Venter: 20 years of decoding the human genome

From the fingerprint to biometric data Fingerprint inside the passport Since 2005, German passports, and many other passports, contain a digital fingerprint as part of the biometric information stored on a RFID (radio-frequency controlled ID) chip. Other information on the chip includes a biometric passport photo. The facial image is similar to fingerprints: no two […]

Blow to getting Britain back to work after Oxford scientist tasked with evaluating crucial coronavirus antibody tests says it may take a MONTH before one is ready for Britain to use as another expert warns the kits may only be 50% accurate

Antibody tests work by a drop of the patient’s blood being placed into the sampler and then, as it flows through the device, the test catches any antibodies passing through and shows a line to indicate the types of antibodies that are present (Pictured: A scientist in a lab in Germany holds and antibody test)

Italian regions testing for signs of coronavirus immunity

“We’ve begin verifying whether these tests are effective and whether they concord with molecular analysis,” said Andrea Crisanti, a professor of virology at the University of Padua, which is carrying out the testing with the University of Verona.

Two new COVID-19 cases in SA; 80 new high-level care nurses at WCH; Lifeline calls spiked last month over anxiety

“One of the particular goals being pursued is to have more centralised co-ordination of retrievals and bed placements — one of the of the great frustrations of rural doctors and health professionals for many years has been the challenge from time to time of getting a bed,” he said.