Facebook adds feature to ‘Community Help’ that lets users offer or request assistance from neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic

* The first $750 coronavirus supplement will go to those registered as on income support and eligible between 12 March and 13 April. The second $750 payment will go to those eligible and registered on 10 July. Check here

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Lego-style waffles and a no-touch door opener

November 10 Focusbuds — productivity-boosting earbuds At any given moment, there are approximately a zillion things competing for your attention. With all the messages, alerts, emails, and notifications that bombard us throughout the day, it’s increasingly difficult to focus on anything for an extended period of time. That’s exactly what Focusbuds aim to fix. According […]

Rising Tides, Troubled Waters: The Future of Our Ocean

Former NOAA director Jane Lubchenco says it’s time to stop thinking of the ocean as a victim of climate change and start thinking of it as a powerful part of the solution. A recent study that Lubchenco co-authored suggests that by developing renewable energy from the ocean, including tidal power and offshore wind farms, as […]