‘Have we forgotten social distancing?’ Critics accuse beach crowds of ‘undoing the hard work of lockdown’ during dash to the seaside on hottest August day in 17 years as staycation stampede leaves roads gridlocked

‘It’s a good idea to remain indoors during the worst of the heat during the day. It’s also advised to wear thin, light clothing, drink plenty of fluids and to eat normally, but perhaps more cold food than usual, particularly salads and fruit which contain a lot of water and help us stay hydrated.

Several People Shot, Including 7-Year-Old Boy, As Crowd Gathers To Celebrate J’Ouvert In Brooklyn

“People did take advantage of this historic event and were out here engaging and having a good time,” said Harrison. “I’m sure you understand that the 6-year-old was not the intended target, but we’re still trying to find out exactly what happened.”

Dozens of people are injured as Japan is battered by Typhoon Haishen’s 80mph winds, leaving a wake of destruction before barrelling into South Korea

People struggle with their umbrellas against wind in downtown Seoul, South Korea, on Monday. A powerful typhoon damaged buildings, flooded roads and knocked out power to thousands of homes in South Korea on Monday after battering southern Japanese islands

Architectural Association awaits its ‘Spanish tornado’

“The power of architecture,” she says, “is in bringing us together. I am highly optimistic that in spite of big tragedies architecture is still one of the most beautiful practices because you have to accept you are building for everyone.” At Storefront she edited a survey of the office manuals of American architectural practices called […]

The Myth of the Central Park Five

Two doctors from Metropolitan Hospital would have been called, one of whom testified at the criminal trial. He would have said, as he did to the Wall Street Journal in 2014, that he thought that there were wounds caused by a sharp-edged instrument, and not just the blunt trauma from the rock and branch admitted […]

The suburb where lifestyle is more important than saving lives: Police close Manly Beach after thousands flout social distancing rules AGAIN to enjoy a swim at the Sydney coronavirus hotspot

Australian Prime Minister urged everyone on student or visitor visa to go home  He said ‘Australia must focus on its citizens and its residents’ amid corona crisis Comes after fury at backpackers and hostels for ignoring social distancing Travellers scrambled to find a way home, with some flights cancelled and prices for the remaining tickets […]

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald has hired a lot of people and given them more responsibility and more reward faster than, I think, any other major executive ever would, so if you go into his organization as a gifted young person and you show that you can handle an assignment, he’ll give you a tougher one and a tougher […]

Kathryn Garcia Stepping Down As NYC Sanitation Commissioner; Could Run For Mayor Be Next On To-Do List?

“It’s likely that we would have no litter basket service and that we’d probably only be able to collect refuse once a week for those who get it twice now, and twice a week for those who get it three times, which just means more garbage everywhere. And I think that is not healthy or […]

Bloomberg: New Yorkers Also To Blame For Blizzard Mess

New York City operators fielded 49,478 calls to 911 on Monday, the day after the storm. That total was the sixth highest in any day since the city began keeping statistics. There were 38,000 calls on Tuesday. Some of the calls came from the same location, but it’s not clear how many.

I won’t blame the young for defying idiotic new coronavirus rules, they’ve already given up enough

I’m regularly called selfish for dreaming of spending Christmas with my family in New Zealand (not gonna ­happen), for salivating at the prospect of being at an Alanis Morissette concert surrounded by 10,000 revellers at London’s 02 Arena (delayed till October 2021 at the earliest), and for hoping to one day book a holiday without […]