How Is New York Having Crazy Parties With No COVID Surge?

Spectacular scenes of COVID-19 recklessness have emerged from New Jersey in recent weeks, alarming state leaders into implementing new restrictions to curb the tide of rising coronavirus cases and prompting plenty of snickering about the Jersey Shore. But a looming question has plagued experts as similar signs of non-compliance have been witnessed across the Hudson […]

Iman, 65, models statement shades and leopard print jacket for photo shoot on streets of New York City

She is also actively involved in several charities including Save the Children, UNICEF Go – 2 – School Initiative/Somalia and Hope for Congo and this past February, she was honored at the annual amfAR New York Gala for her commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

‘I Love New York’ Star Kamal ‘Chance’ Givens Gets His Own Dating Show

The new show premieres this fall on the video-on-demand network, Zeus … and it gives Chance another opportunity at love and to share how his life has changed since finishing as the runner-up on “I Love New York.”

New on Apple TV+ this month: ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘Long Way Up’ and more

Filmmakers Jesse Moss and Amanda McBaine closely track the escalating tensions that arise within a particularly riveting gubernatorial race, training their cameras on unforgettable teenagers like Ben, a Reagan-loving arch-conservative who brims with confidence despite personal setbacks, and Steven, a progressive-minded child of Mexican immigrants who stands by his convictions amidst the sea of red. […]

Scott Morrison announces new $1BILLION JobTrainer scheme to help 340,000 Australians to find jobs – and expands plan cover apprentices’ wages by up to $530 a week

Victoria is hit with 238 more coronavirus cases and a woman… Australia is set to climb from number 12 to number EIGHT in…

From the archive, 5 June 1972: My Lai: new leak

United States Army division commanders joined their junior officers in efforts to “suppress and withhold” information on the My Lai massacre in South Vietnam. A bruising account of their action to prevent knowledge of the massacre from reaching the senior US command in Vietnam is published this morning in the New York Times.

Like its vampires, Twilight lives forever: Fans gush over new Midnight Sun book

“Because I finished it,” she recently told the New York Times. “When I did see the light at the end of the tunnel… I started the publication process right away, because I knew there were people who had been waiting really kindly and patiently, but also anxiously, for quite a while.”

Aggressive New Guerrilla Tactics Target America’s Eviction Machine

America is on the cusp of an evictions crisis, with an estimated 23 million people at risk of losing their homes. A federal eviction moratorium—which barred evictions on government-backed residences to protect the millions of Americans who lost income due to COVID-19—expired in late July, with a $600 per week COVID-19 unemployment benefit expiring several […]

NSW government launches new strategy to build smart tech into future infrastructure

Other standards and policies that the state government will be developing to support the creation of smart places include “data as an asset” guidelines to support agencies making investment decisions to turn administrative data sets into machine-readable data sets; a guide to assist place owners and precinct planners design smart places; and a standards approach […]

Split 5-4, Supreme Court Rules for California Jail Over Virus Measures

In response, the detainees, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, told the justices that more than 300 residents had tested positive for the virus. They said detainees were “packed into day rooms sharing the same air and bathrooms without social distancing” and were given “watered-down disinfectant and makeshift masks made from bloodstained sheets.”