World’s Toughest Race: Is this TV’s most brutal show?

Again, that’s not happening, but if you have a sports itch to scratch, World’s Toughest Race will do it – especially when the Australian team sparks some classic Bledisloe Cup rivalry by s…-talking the Kiwis and nipping at their heels.

Ex-smoker mum with terminal lung cancer angry at strangers who believe her disease is self-inflicted

Having a cough most of the time A change in a cough you have had for a long time Being short of breath Coughing up phlegm (sputum) with signs of blood in it An ache or pain in the chest or shoulder Loss of appetite Tiredness (fatigue) Losing weight Less common symptoms, usually associated with […]

Gymnastics abuse claims: Archaic, revealing leotard rules part of alleged abusive practices in New Zealand

“The leotard … reveals corporeal curves, cleavage and the crotch. Men wear rather plain clothes in comparison to the women, and they wear different types of clothes for the different apparatus. The crotch is never made visible as in women’s gymnastics.”

John Key’s eight-year reign comes to an end as Bill English gets head-start in leadership race

John Key thanks his family the NZ public and others, for the support, faith and encouragement. “It’s been a privilege to serve you all, he said. I’ve always believed that a test of a good prime minister is that he or she leaves the country in better shape than they found it. Over time others […]