Welcome to a new Premier League season – a journey without maps

And yet the games must go on. Not just so the wheels of industry can turn. But because our own basic human rhythms demand it, the need for distraction and consolation, for some form of shared collective experience. Death and anxiety have stalked the land these last few months. Right now sport, in its gaudiest, […]

Cabin fever meets Tahoe tension: ‘Not local? Not welcome!’

In South Lake Tahoe, Bindel’s hotel is booked solid this weekend, albeit with a lower occupancy rate than normal. He had to cut the number of rooms to accommodate distancing and a smaller staff caused by a lack of international workers who couldn’t get a visa.

Coronavirus: Seven Greek islands added to England’s quarantine list

The 24-year-old from Leeds, who will return to England before the quarantine deadline, said: “Bars etc just seem a lot quieter, the hotel seems not even at half capacity so there’s plenty of room round the pool or beach. There just seems to be a lot more awareness in terms of masks too.”

‘It became a true refuge’: Michelle Obama reveals how she made the White House feel like a normal family home where her daughters could hang with friends – and she could ‘hide out in sweats’

‘With literally no natural light, the space had muted illumination from crystal chandeliers and spots of bright light from a scattering of table and floor lamps, creating dark corners and gloomy shadows,’ Smith said. ‘I vowed to upgrade the lighting with inset ceil-ing fixtures as soon as it was feasible, as it was exactly the […]

Sports news feed: Kylian Mbappe tests positive for coronavirus

Michael Schumacher: A Formula One legend turns 50 Comeback and permanent retirement In 2010, Schumacher returned to the F1 circuit with Mercedes, enjoying limited success. However, at the 2012 European Grand Prix in Valencia, Schumacher finished third. At the age of 43 years and 173 days he became the oldest driver to reach the podium […]

Recap: Saoirse Ronan Explains How to Pronounce Her Name

Against a backdrop of animated lollipops, a group of girls (Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Ronan) sing a song for the guys. They know it’s been tough for men, finding out powerful heroes are “habitual predators” and having House of Cards ruined, but these girls have unfortunately been dealing with terrible men since […]

Europe in turmoil: five years of economic crisis

• The deal, it says, will cut Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio to 120.5% of GDP by 2020, in line with previous targets. This will be achieved by private creditors taking a deeper cut on their existing Greek bonds, of 53.5% of their face value. The European Central Bank will also contribute, by passing the profits from […]

Australian cricket’s Indigenous inclusion – ‘You can’t just window dress things’

Mohamed’s best illustration of what he is aiming for is to ask people to think of something they value, and why. “There’s definitely no one thing that can make it happen, it’s a combination of things, but really the way I like to look at it is you’ve got to create a space where people […]

An open letter to the parents of Kingwood

What risk is your younger child being placed in? I hope that your family can overcome this and neither of your children come as close to death as mine did at your home. Fortunately, my son’s overdose was not fatal and you have been spared the embarrassment of having your neighbors see crime scene tape […]

St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Shovels & Rope Playing South Carolina Socially-Distanced Shows

“We certainly learned a lot by operating our outdoor space in Columbia, Missouri, and kind of fine tuning our operational plans and being able to see how patrons have responded to those guidelines that we’ve created,” Gerding tells Billboard. “It’s allowed us to have Columbia function a little bit like a test market for us […]