Trump Boasts of Nuclear Weapon ‘You Haven’t Even Seen or Heard About’ in Woodward Book

Then just last month, the US Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center posted a request for information for contractors with ideas about hypersonic upgrades to intercontinental ballistic missiles, which the US uses to deliver nuclear strikes. When asked about it, the Air Force quickly took down the notice and assiduously denied pursuing a hypersonic nuclear weapon, […]

Did Trump disclose secret U.S. nuclear weapon in interview?

But the 54-word audio interview clip from December 5, 2019 that Mr. Woodward released with the book obfuscates as much as it exposes, mainly because when saying “nuclear” Mr. Trump breaks off mid-word, as if he is correcting himself, and then changes to “a weapons system.”

Trump’s ‘Never Before Seen or Heard’ Nuclear Weapon Could be W76-2 Warhead, Report Claims

“The W76-2 was first mentioned by the Trump administration in February 2018, as a weapon to “help counter any mistaken perception of an exploitable ‘gap’ in US regional deterrence capabilities”, Popular Mechanics highlighted. Last week, commenting on the creation of a new nuclear warhead, the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, noted that the US […]

On the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima, Here’s Where the World Stands With Nuclear Weapons

Smith suggested that China’s logic makes sense, noting that if it were to eventually join, that would signal that the other nuclear-armed powers should join as well. “China’s nuclear stockpile remains a small fraction of either Russia’s or the USA’s and its bombs and warheads are not operationally deployed, unlike a large proportion of U.S. […]

Russia Releases New Rules for Using Nuclear Weapons in War

“The next arms control agreement must be multilateral,” Marshall Billingslea, Assistant Treasury Secretary for Terrorist Financing and nominee for Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs told reporters last week. “We do absolutely expect that whatever arrangements are reached, the Chinese will be part of a trilateral framework going forward.”

Trump disclosed secret weapons system to Woodward: book

Trump discussed the weapons system while reflecting on how close the United States and North Korea came to nuclear war in 2017, according to excerpts from “Rage” published Wednesday by The Washington Post, where Woodward is an associate editor.

China’s worrisome edge toward a ‘launch-on-warning’ nuclear posture

That’s why the China report makes for troubling reading. The report’s authors forecast that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will at least double its stockpile of nuclear arms over the coming decade. That means China’s doomsday arsenal will expand from 200 warheads or thereabouts to 400 or more. The PLA is diversifying its inventory, for […]

Trump’s talk of secret new weapon fits a pattern of puzzles

The Woodward interview was Dec. 5, around the time of the first W76-2 deployment, which was not announced publicly until Feb. 4. The weapon itself is not revolutionary. It’s not even the only low-yield warhead in the U.S. arsenal. It is, however, the first major addition to the strategic nuclear force in recent decades and […]

Why Former Israeli Intel Chief Calls on Trump Not to Quit Nuclear Deal with Iran

Ultimately, they say, “any decision by Trump to decertify the deal should be used by the US Congress and the West to raise pressure on Iran for a later battle, but not to leave the deal now and free Iran to go nuclear while blaming the US.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif Blasts US Approach to Nuclear Missiles as ‘Breathtaking Hypocrisy’

JCPOA and Arms Trade in the Middle East Last year, Zarif said that in 2019 the Western countries sold “1,000 billion dollars’ worth of weapons” to the powers in the Persian Gulf. According to the data by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Saudi Arabia became the world’s largest importer of arms during 2015-19 […]