Rhea Arrest: NCB Remand Does Not Say Rhea Chakraborty Consumed Drugs, But Procured Them For SSR

The lawyer of Sushant’s former manager Shruti Modi, who has also been accused of abetting the actor’s suicide by his family, had said that Sushant had been consuming drugs since before he got into a relationship with Rhea, and that his family members knew about it. He also said that one of Sushant’s sisters used […]

Rhea’s Arrest: NCB Remand Does Not Say Rhea Chakraborty Consumed Drugs, But Procured Them For SSR

Rhea was arrested under Sections 8 (c), 20 (b), 27 (a), 28 and 29 of NDPS Act, after being grilled for over three days. She confessed to financing and procuring marijuana for consumption by her then boyfriend, the late Sushant Singh Rajput but denied consuming drugs herself.

‘Drug Charges Are Not Our Case Against Rhea’ Says Sushant’s Family Lawyer Vikas Singh

However, allegations of Sushant’s family’s knowledge of his drug use were made by Shruti Modi’s lawyer. Modi’s lawyer Ashok Saraogi told India Today that Sushant had been using drugs since before he met Rhea and that his family was aware of it. He even said that Sushant’s sister used to attend substance abuse parties organized […]

Brian Austin Green’s tattooed bombshell ‘girlfriend’ Tina Louise strips down to racy lingerie in raunchy new photo shoot

‘I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together, and you see eye to eye and then sometimes those paths do different things,’ he said during a livestream on Saturday.

COVID-19 Outbreak Linked to Bible Conference That Refused to Shutdown Event

Teller County has had three outbreaks as of Friday, according to the Courier. Outbreaks are defined as two or more cases from one event or location. In addition to the Bible conference, outbreaks have been seen at a Woodland Park day care facility and at Woodland Park City Hall. The City Hall and day care […]

Heartbreaking story behind Amy Winehouse’s famous tattoo – and it got her in trouble

Speaking on the Channel 5 documentary 13 Moments That Killed Amy Winehouse, psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said: “The whole family knew that Cynthia was such a rock for Amy, and certainly it seems that Amy would turn to her for support and would trust her advice.”

‘Dragon girl’ who tattooed her eyeballs shares before-and-after bum lift pics

Amber said: “My [Brazilian bum lift] experience has been quite pleasant considering how much blood there’s been, cosmos has made me feel so content with my progress and ensure me that everything’s going to plan every two days when I get a massage to help drain excess fluids.

Man has five-hour £300 arm tattoo before ‘bolting from shop without paying’

CCTV footage was released by the tattoo shop on social media which appears to show a man running away from the shop. The footage has since been taken down.

Justin Bieber puts his new neck tattoo on display during Beverly Hills lunch date with wife Hailey

‘OMG’: The former Drop the Mic host shared a video of herself looking at more Bieber baby pics on his phone as Justin attempted to crack the same crooked grin

Aaron Chalmers unveils huge tattoo tribute to son after ‘split’ from girlfriend

“She’s literally my best friend – she’s my number one fan when it comes to my fights, and she’s the one that kicks me out of bed in the morning when I’m going on runs and I’m staying at hers. She’s literally my number one supporter.”