Ozzy Osbourne reveals he ‘felt the calmest’ while trying to KILL wife Sharon

Incredibly, Sharon admits that, while close to divorcing him, she always wanted to stay with Ozzy for the sake of the kids. She said: “Thank God the judge put him in treatment for six months. I had time to really think about what he should do. I told him, ‘I don’t want the money but […]

Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard Unites With Mason Jennings for Side Project Painted Shields

The songs came to life slowly over several months with Gossard sending Jennings instrumental files, which he’d send back with added melodies, lyrics and other ideas. “It was pretty different for me because I’m used to having some sort of physical instrument in the room with me,” Jennings says. “I usually have an acoustic guitar […]

I test the reigns down in Africa: A Crusader Kings 3 diary

I don’t believe you could play as an African ruler and come away with an understanding of what it was like there a thousand years ago. I also don’t think that people should be grateful for any representation at all even if it’s poor. But I think Crusader Kings 3 does a good job of […]

Dear Lord, the

Here are some quick highlights from their Bravo.com bios to hold you over. Barlow owns tequila brands and considers herself “Mormon 2.0.” She went to Brigham Young University with Gay, a spa owner who “was married to Mormon royalty for 11 years” before a divorce and calls herself a “good Mormon gone bad.” Cosby is a […]

‘I knew I had to end it’: Wife of ‘Naughty Tory’ MP Charlie Elphicke – who inherited his seat in a coup – said she planned to leave him all along and only supported him during his trial because she feared he might kill himself

From secret bondage conession to making young Commons worker rub sun lotion on him… sinister timeline in Elphicke sex assault saga  July 6 2020: Elphicke chased a woman around his house attempting to kiss her while screaming ‘I’m a naughty Tory’.July 7: Court hears he allegedly text her days later to say that he had […]

With ‘Coastal Elites,’ Paul Rudnick Reminds Us Why Comedy Is the Great Leveler

Originally, our director, Jay Roach, was going to stage Coastal Elites before a live audience at the Public, and then would film it for HBO. Then, when the pandemic hit, that was no longer possible, and I sort of put it aside. But then I was so grateful that HBO and our production team called, […]

Inmate who spent four days in jail with Lori Vallow reveals how the ‘cult’ mom ‘never cried’, was proud to show off her blue toenail polish in court and bragged that news stories about her were ‘more important’ than Kobe Bryant’s death and COVID-19

January 26: Lori and Chad are seen for the first time in months as police serve them with two search warrants in Kauai. Lori is also served with a court order to produce the children to authorities in Idaho in five days. The couple are approached by the media while officers serve the documents and refuse […]

Margaret Atwood: ‘If you’re going to speak truth to power, make sure it’s the truth’

Atwood doesn’t mind people disagreeing with her. She reads a lot, draws on her own experience: “I hate to keep saying ‘At my age’ but, at my age…” In July, she took a step into the heated Twitter row surrounding JK Rowling and trans rights. In June, Rowling had caused controversy by taking issue with […]

Customs automation contract draws the ire of stakeholders

READ ALSOHaving an affair with hubby whilst waiting for the divorce Speaking in a telephone chat with a group of Journalist in Lagos, Ahmed said that he was as confused as any Nigerian over the contract adding that the agreement should be available for Nigerians to see.