Does ‘Failure to Replicate’ Mean Failed Science? (Op-Ed)

The mechanisms of nature are complicated, sometimes even almost chaotic. Scientists work hard to find signal amidst all that noise, and when they think they find something, are eager to report it to their colleagues and to the world. They also might, in some cases, be a little too eager. After all, research dollars, reputations […]

What does coronavirus Phase 3 mean for Louisiana? Read the new order in full here

Edwards outlined what those rules mean for the state in his official order. He also extended the emergency declaration for the state into October.

Changes in the Colour of Urine: What it Could Mean and When to Seek Help

1. Orange coloured pee: Orange coloured pee can be an indication of dehydration or excess intake of Vitamin B supplements. It can also be seen after excess intake of beta carotene which is present in carrots. Dark orange coloured pee is also seen in the people who use rifampicin which is used for the treatment […]

EXCLUSIVE: Pack your bags! Scott Morrison wants travel bubbles established with New Zealand, Japan and Pacific islands BEFORE Christmas – and lockdown-loving premiers are the only obstacle

‘We are seeing many, many jobs being lost across the country and they will continue to be lost in our travel and tourism sector and many lives disrupted, especially in cross-border communities if we don’t get a common approach.’

NBA will allow team staff to bring guests to Disney bubble

The league worked with Disney officials as well as health authorities to determine how many people could be safely allowed inside the so-called bubble. The restart began with 22 teams; by next week, only four will remain and the population drop allows room for family members and some others to enter the bubble.

Vietnam proposes tourism travel bubbles within ASEAN

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only a medical crisis, but a crisis in development when international trade and supply chains are broken, Tien stated. Southeast Asia’s GDP growth this year is expected to drop to negative 2.7 percent, as opposed to an increase of 4.4 percent last year, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Reality bites! Virtual bubble bath dates and rose ceremonies are the new normal as The Bachelor goes into lockdown amid COVID-19 restrictions

‘You have a rose, calm down!’ Fans are baffled by Roxi… The Bachelor EXCLUSIVE: Laura Calleri’s fangirl past… The only way is up? Kristina Abramoff joins top talent… ‘Some people are born cool!’ Former Bachelor star Matt Agnew…

Queensland records just ONE new coronavirus case as prison officers are forced into ‘COVID-19 jail bubble’ – and told to go NOWHERE except home and work

The prime minster believes that increasing movement between states is essential to save the nation’s dying tourism industry, which employs one million workers and is set to lose a staggering $54.6billion this year due to lockdowns and border restrictions.

NHL Bubble Wrap: Lehner shuts out Stars, stays hot for Golden Knights

This puts Lehner at four shutouts during the Golden Knights run in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Whether something interesting works out to keep Lehner with Vegas or he hits the free agent market, it’s hard to imagine Lehner failing to gain the long-term security he craves in free agency.

‘Don’t make a fight where there isn’t a fight’: Kate Beckinsale shuts down ‘mean spirited’ All Lives Matter comment on her Instagram post about Breonna Taylor

Her post, accompanied by an image of a black square with ‘Breonna Taylor’ written in white, read: ‘Dear Mayor Greg Fischer, I join thousands of others in asking you to bring posthumous justice to Breonna Taylor, who was shot eight times in her bed by the Louisville Metro Police after they invaded her apartment looking […]