Exclusive: playwright’s estate says The Shape of Water used his work without credit

In a recent interview with Del Toro in a magazine called Written By, the director said the idea originated in part through a conversation with the novelist Daniel Kraus (an associate producer of the film), who suggested a story about a “janitor that kidnaps an amphibian-man from a secret government facility”. Kraus’s website says the […]

Drew Barrymore professes her love of music videos while presenting at the MTV VMAs in a eye-catching metallic dress

This year’s show marks the first time the bash has been held at various different locations, with performances taking place in and around New York City, without packed audiences to abide by social distancing guidelines.

Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx, Billy Wilder & Gwyneth Paltrow? Cameron Crowe Reflects On His ‘Jerry Maguire’ Journey

DEADLINE: You always heard that mob guys loved The Godfather, despite its soulless depiction of violence and betrayal. What impact did Jerry Maguire have on the sports agent business?CROWE: Almost immediately, I heard some young guys that wanted to get into the sports agents thing from entertainment. They made a point of telling me how […]

Country singer Russell Dickerson talks becoming a first-time father: ‘How prepared can you be, honestly?’

With the recent release of his single, “Love You Like I Used To,” which hovered on the country charts and served as a precursor to more music, including a full album on the way — the 33-year-old crooner has his hands full music-wise, but he’s also about to become a first-time dad.

Harold Perrineau Answers Every Question We Have About

What do you remember about first meeting Leo?quite a number of years younger than me, and I remember meeting this young, goofy kid. I knew he was a movie star, or was on his way to being a movie star. He certainly wasn’t the movie star he’s become, but he’d already been nominated for an […]

Senate Power Rankings: Out with the tide

**Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day? Sign up here.**On the roster: Senate Power Rankings: Out with the tide – Trump dogged by corona revelations on trail – GOP super PAC rides to rescue – Whistle-blower: D.H.S. downplayed threats from Russia – Authentic fake alligatorSENATE POWER RANKINGS: OUT WITH THE TIDEPat Roberts. […]

What Are the Best Shakespeare Movies?

The great Japanese director used Hamlet as some of the source material for The Bad Sleep Well, but in Throne of Blood and Ran, he tackled Macbeth and King Lear head on and wound up with not only two of the best movies ever made from Shakespeare plays but two of the greatest movies ever […]

50 ways to save money including best apps and tips from experts

Check your bank statements and see what exactly your paying for but not actually using. With life changing drastically in the pandemic, there are likely to be things which you no longer need and probably some you forgot you had in the first place.

Sweet 16 in a Marlborough Sounds commune

MB: That’s a tricky one to answer. I didn’t have my parents, as it were, I just got snatches and glimpses [of them]. By the time I went to live with my father, my father and mother were separated, and I saw very little of my mother. And my father was very libertarian and benign […]

Australian doctor who tried to save music icon Jimi Hendrix’s life when he died 50 years ago recalls the fateful night the world lost a true legend

While she was ‘not really a great fan of Jimi Hendrix’s (pictured) music’, she liked some of it at the time and often went to his shows, where she would have a cigarette while he was on stage