These E-Readers Let You Store Your Magazines, Books and Audiobooks on One Device

Screen lighting: Older e-readers didn’t have any source of built-in illumination, which meant you had to rely on a natural or artificial light source to read. That’s not ideal if you’re reading next to a sleeping partner, or are in a crowded area like a plane or train. All of our picks have a lit […]

Parents’ biggest frustration with distance learning

“Keeping my nine-year-old on task has been the biggest challenge,” says Sareh Baca, a portfolio manager from Atlanta. “I get her set up and then jump on a meeting, and about 75% of the time when I go back to check on her she’s watching YouTube or playing video games. I’ve had to solicit her […]

The 5G lie: The network of the future is still slow

What if you just want to be ready for the future? Many flagship smartphones you can buy now, like Samsung’s $1,000 Galaxy S20, are 5G-future-proof, meaning they support all the possible 5G bands. But buyer beware: Some coming models might leave out the ability to connect to the high band. Be sure to ask whether […]

Best mesh routers of 2020: Eero, Orbi, Asus, Google Nest and more

I also appreciated the depth of controls in the Asus app, which let you manage your network and customize that backhaul as you see fit. $450 is still a lot, but this system is strong enough to feel like a worthy upgrade pick for those willing to spend. And, if $450 is a bit too […]

Surface Duo review: Why I’m still confused about Microsoft’s dual-screen device

When I received a Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen Android mobile device two weeks ago from Microsoft for review, I was curious how and if it could fit into my daily workflow. I also was curious whether it could replace my current Android phone and/or Kindle. Most of all, I wanted to know if using this […]

Best mesh routers of 2020: Asus, Eero, Orbi, Google Nest and more

Chief among those are new systems from Eero, which popularized mesh networking before being bought by Amazon in 2019 , as well as new offerings from Netgear Orbi and Google Nest. Mesh systems like those regularly sold for as much as $400 or even $500 a few years ago, but now all of these manufacturers and […]

After 9/11: Has Germany failed in Afghanistan?

Despite corruption and abuse of power within the government, the 28-year-old clings to democracy and wants Afghanistan’s Western allies to be more patient, because she strongly believes two decades is not enough to build a democracy from scratch when the foundations of society have been shattered by decades of war. “We also made our own sacrifices […]

Six tech tips for remote learning: Protect your kid’s data and make sure they look good on Zoom

Things get more complicated with school-issued devices, which are often administered by the school’s IT department. On the bright side, computers lent to your family by the school probably already have a number of controls enabled by default. If you want to do more and are unable to alter the settings, or even install third-party […]

Should I buy a Wi-Fi extender?

A desktop range extender will be bigger, and will require a separate power cable for plugging into a nearby power socket, but that does give you more freedom in placing the range extender in a spot where it works best. Desktop models can also include additional features such as Ethernet ports for devices such as […]

The best smart home devices of 2020: Amazon and Google fight to control your home

That’s why a mesh router that’s built to spread a strong, speedy signal throughout your house might make for a particularly smart upgrade — especially if you’re living in a big home. And, of the ones we’ve tested, we think the Nest Wifi is the smartest pick. At $269, the two-piece starter kit was able to […]