Calling the French ‘turds’ shows Boris Johnson is the eternal spoilt 15-year-old

Johnson’s racist remarks – set alongside equally outrageous examples of sexism and homophobia – should disqualify him as prime minister. Instead, they appear to endear him to the Tory membership, who feel an urgent need to out-Farage Farage, perhaps even to trump Trump. The US president gets away with it by being the leader of […]

Black Friday 2020: best deal predictions for the November 27 date

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals?As mentioned, you’ll find the best options if you bookmark this page right now – there will be deals from the beginning of November 2020, and we’ll be bringing you the best of them, those that we think are worth checking out, the second that we see […]

Uninvited Pigeon invades author Mo Willems’ TV special

The children lucky enough to attend last summer’s Kennedy Center taping clearly had a blast, their beaming faces captured in close-ups as Willems puts Anthony Anderson, Yvette Nicole Brown and Tony Hale, among others, through their paces, aided by on-screen graphics and sound effects maestro Fred Newman (“Prairie Home Companion”).