Coca-Cola ‘paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,’ medical journal study finds

‘We are certainly going to have to disclose this [Coca-Cola funding] at some point. Our preference would be to have other funders on board first… Right now, we have two funders. Coca Cola and an anonymous individual donor… Does including the Universities as funders/supporters pass the red face test?’ one email read.

Bisleri: Quenching thirst with trust

In an age when most companies opt for getting a celebrity to endorse their brands – Bisleri, the leading packaged water player, did the unthinkable. It recruited a camel – actually many camels, of course post all the mandatory approvals from the wildlife authorities we are told – to communicate its message of “Har Pani […]

Can you guess what Fox News and Netflix have in common?

“We’re all in this together, but these brands were more in this together with you,” says Brand Keys president Robert Passikoff. “It’s the politics, the pandemic, and protests. The brands that fall into the Venn diagram of those three things are the ones people are attributing the value of patriotism to more strongly. It’s not […]

New Book Offers Insider’s Glimpse Into Life in North Korea

Abrahamian recalls there had been cautious optimism that North Korea would begin to open when Kim assumed power after the December 2011 death of his father, Kim Jong Il. In subsequent years, he oversaw numerous educational initiatives, including holding business and trade workshops that focused on female entrepreneurship and in another, a presenter introduced participants […]

Boris Johnson urges Brits to get back to work TODAY – but nearly five in six set to stay home

ALL AT SEAFrench efforts to stop migrants like ‘trying to empty sea with a spoon’ says MP

One-Third of US Consumers Believe Brands Should Continue Facebook Boycott, Survey Shows

The plurality of respondents — 44 percent — said the boycott had no impact on their attitude, while 22 percent said they began to favor brands more for joining the boycott and only 9 percent said they favored the brands less, whereas 24 percent of respondents offered no opinion.

Face shield vs. mask: Which prevents the spread of COVID-19 better?

Plastic face shields are likely not as effective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus as cloth face masks, experts believe. As COVID-19 cases surge in the United States and around the world, doctors continue to urge the public to wear masks, observe social distancing and wash their hands.

‘Who’s The Boss’ Sequel With Tony Danza & Alyssa Milano In Works At Sony Pictures Television

The deal comes at a time when some of the biggest streaming hits are classic half-hour comedies from past decades, comfort food and a reminder for some of a simpler time. Series like Friends, The Office and Seinfeld are still huge draws and a redrawn Fuller House just completed a successful run on Netflix.

Single use, dangerous misuse: on the war against plastic during COVID-19

There is no evidence to prove that single-use plastics are safer than cloth or paper. Yet, producers milk the situation by feeding fear into people’s minds. Shibu Nair, India Coordinator at Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) says single-use products are “extending and amplifying the risk of Covid”. For example, a tea-stall vendor using steel […]

Navy SEALs suspend ties to museum following use of Kaepernick ‘target’ for military dog demonstration

In a pair of nearly two-year-old videos that were posted in January, a man can be seen wearing a red jersey emblazoned with Kaepernick’s name and former player number during the working dog demonstration conducted by the museum. After a man in military fatigues begins the demonstration, a total of four military working dogs charge […]