Boris Johnson blasts EU claims he was planning to tear up Withdrawal Agreement

“As we have done from the beginning in public and in private, I will reinforce our simple, reasonable request for a free trade agreement based on those the EU has signed before with like-minded partners.”

‘I will NOT back down’: Boris Johnson defies EU fury at threat to ‘tear up’ Brexit divorce terms on Northern Ireland after Michel Barnier warns it would mean NO trade deal – but PM says that would still be a ‘good outcome’ for the UK

Brussels wants EU trawlers to be guaranteed their current access to Britain’s fishing grounds for ever. Mr Raab told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that this was unacceptable, adding: ‘Having seen UK fisheries and the fishing industry pretty much decimated as a result of EU membership, the EU’s argument is we should keep control of […]

Boris Johnson used to be bumbling. Today he looked totally transformed

Funny thing is, there was a man in the Commons today who looked just like Mr Johnson. But it can’t have been him, because this man in the Commons wasn’t remotely bumbling, or dozy, or absent-minded. This man was a raging fireball, a whirling catherine wheel, a continually self-replenishing explosion of frenzied energy. Nothing like […]

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

Senior EU figures were unhappy about the UK’s decision to act unilaterally. European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said sticking to the letter of the deal was a ‘precondition’ for any trade agreement. Dutch PM Mark Rutte said it was ‘not very reassuring’ and warned a deal looked ‘very difficult’. But there was no […]

Boris Johnson’s government is threatening to breach international law. It could backfire spectacularly

In public, the government has played down the suggestions that its Internal Market Bill, published on Wednesday, is designed specifically to blow up a part of the Brexit deal called the Northern Ireland Protocol. Quite the opposite — the government claims it is committed to meeting its international obligations and that the offending passages in […]

Boris Johnson lets rip another demented monologue in Commons

There wasn’t a great deal more sense on offer at the Downing Street press conference later in the afternoon, when the prime minister announced the new lockdown measures that Matt Hancock had failed to mention in his statement the day before and had released to the media in the evening instead. In theory, the message […]

Boris Johnson’s own scientists tear his ‘moonshot’ Covid-19 testing plan to shreds

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, standing alongside the Prime Minister at the Number 10 Press Conference, said: “The underlying technology is used for other diseases in terms of diagnosis, so it’s not a complete wild guess, this is something that’s building on very established principles.

Delingpole: Boris Johnson Has Led a Fascist Coup Against the United Kingdom

If that sounds like an exaggeration, just ask yourself how you’d have felt a year ago — or even six months ago — if you’d been told a British government was planning to institute a 10pm curfew, ban gatherings of more than six people, impose daily immunity tests before you were allowed to go about […]

Brussels tells Boris Johnson he has until the end of the month to scrap his plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal or the EU will launch legal action as the bloc warns trade talks are at risk

‘To do that we need a legal safety net to protect our country against extreme or irrational interpretations of the protocol, which could lead to a border down the Irish Sea in a way that I believe – and I think members around the House believe – would be prejudicial to the interests of the […]

New Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe charges linked to Boris Johnson’s infamous gaffe

Mr Ratcliffe believes she is being held as a “political bargaining chip” to force the UK to pay Iran £400 million it says it is owed over an arms deal dating back to the 1970s.