‘This is going to be a rough ride’: More store closures likely as 1080 jobs hang in the balance, Warehouse Group CEO says

The group would continue to assess its store network and had flexibility in its lease renewal profile with approximately a quarter of its network coming up for renewal within the next 15 months, the company said in a statement to the New Zealand stock exchange on Monday morning.

Coronavirus: Hotel owners back government’s swift Covid-19 action

Robens described the new cases as another major setback, but said internationally the country had been put on a pedestal for really decisive action, and the move into alert level 3 in Auckland and level 2 elsewhere had been the right decision.

Cannasouth returns wage subsidy after capital raise

The company says its research subsidiary, Cannasouth Plant Research New Zealand (CSPRL), had been generating revenue and was granted $85,726 from the Government because it had been unable to operate during Level 4 lockdown.

Here’s why the unemployment stats seem like nonsense

People were confined to their homes and businesses were closed. As a consequence, it was actually impossible for a lot of people to look for work. Therefore, a large number of the unemployed were considered outside the labour force, and hence not counted as unemployed given their inability to look for work.

Powerful landlords tie rent abatement to lease extension. Is that fair?

First Retail Group consultant Chris Wilkinson said it was a strategy that a lot of property owners had adopted in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom since Covid-19 in trying to balance their responsibilities to their shareholders and helping to support tenants.

H&J Smith confirms Dunedin department store closure

Earlier this month, the company also confirmed the closure of its Te Anau and Balclutha stores on July 31, the downsizing of its Gore store, and the closure of Outdoor World at Remarkables Park in Queenstown at the end of August, affecting about 60 employees altogether.

Millennials, use this uneventful summer to get your money habits on track

At the end of the day, many of us who have forgone nonessential outings since March are experiencing a strange mix of emotions right now: pride that we’re doing our part for Americans’ health mixed with relief that our bank accounts are finally growing, as well as some residual longing for the summer that wasn’t. […]

Facebook is getting more serious about becoming your go-to for mobile payments

He’ll still be overseeing that effort, but Facebook Financial will prove equally important if not more so as the company seeks to get its hugely popular apps — Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp — running on the same messaging backbone. Facebook Pay lets you send money to friends / family or purchase goods across Facebook’s […]

Reviving the Cold War is Anachronistic – Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng’s Exclusive Interview with Guancha.cn

The TikTok-bashing by the United States has caused quite a stir in recent days. Without producing any solid evidence, the US administration is taking actions against TikTok based on the presumption of guilt, and threatening to force a sellout within 45 days or simply ban it. To save the company, TikTok has been communicating with […]

Youth faced reproductive, mental health challenges in lockdown: survey

A majority of the young women who participated in a recent Population Foundation of India (PFI) survey in Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh reported that they were not able to sufficiently access sanitary pads during the COVID-19 lockdown. Facing the additional challenges of economic insecurity, family clashes and increased domestic chores, more than one in […]